Falcon Teases Highly Anticipated ‘The Chalet’ with Steve Cruz Director’s Diary

Featuring an unforgettable location and an all-star international cast that combines Falcon Exclusives with well-known studs from across the globe (including two popular BelAmi exclusive stars!),  Falcon’s big project is finally close to its debut!

Earlier this year, award-winning director Steve Cruz jetted off to Austria to film the upcoming hit The Chalet. His first ever film as a director for Falcon, it follows in the footsteps of other studio snowbound smashes like The Other Side of Aspen (mmm, chalet orgy!) and Tahoe series (remember Sean Zevran with Andrew Stark? Good times!). But things didn’t go as planned when they arrived.


After a long wait, the film is finally out later this month! In his Director’s Diary, Steve gives us a quick look behind scenes: The good, the bad and the unexpected.


Watch the full Director’s Diary below, and see The Chalet starring Exclusives Josh Moore, Skyy Knox and Colton Reece along with Peter Annaud, Jim Durden, Dimitry Osten and Pietro Duarte on September 11, 2020 at the Falcon Studios Group Store!


17 thoughts on “Falcon Teases Highly Anticipated ‘The Chalet’ with Steve Cruz Director’s Diary”

      1. something must have happened since then because now he’s always posting conservative talking points and anti liberal sentiment on his Instagram stories ie posting about guns and blaming covid on China

  1. just let them shoot. if they catch covid they did what they loved. Plus they’re a still filming on their personal only fans

      1. You don’t need names just go on twitter and look, they’re all going back to shooting even though some studios are trying to not shoot right now to keep them safe but the models don’t care. One guy called DamagedBottom got called out but his army of pick me’s came out and defended him on his unsafe practices.

        In the end of the day I don’t care they’re the ones getting sick not me.

    1. What are you talking about john moore is the ugly one and plainest of the bunch. Hes so plain he had to get a nose job

        1. Facts are facts, what is it with the pick-me-ups lately you’re all overdoing it recently trying to defend porn models that will never give you the look of the day.

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