Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey

Felix Fox Fucks a Book (& Ryan Bailey)

Forget Dick in a Box. We now have Dick in a Book, and Felix Fox is the one bring sexy back to the library in the latest shenanigans from Men.com (just weeks after we were at the art gallery where there actually was a dick in a box…)

And yes, do you even have to ask? There’s a very loud, very obnoxious, VERY SHOCKED woman who gasps, yells and stares at the dirty Dewey Decimal dick play. Felix is so turned on by the librarian’s booty that he pops a bib bulge in his shorts while studying chemistry with classmate Ryan Bailey. (Who knew reading was this hard?! )

Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey

When he catches Ryan staring at his shaft (which does look mighty nice under those tight shorts), Felix has an idea: He grabs his handy A Sinkhole Like No Other book (get it?!), which conveniently has a big ol’ hole in the middle of it; whips out his dick; then pops his cock through the hole and feeds Ryan (because the book someone disguises what’s actually going on? Huh?).

Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey

Felix then starts pounding Ryan, pinning him to the floor when they (finally) get caught by the uptight librarian and another patron, who yell and make the scene far less sexy (“Is that your fuck book?!”). They finally storm off to give us some needed peace and quiet so that Felix can continue to show off his lesser-seen top side as he gets Ryan to ride him on a table, take his cock on a swivel chair, and more. (Best part: the big gobs of spit Felix drips onto Ryan’s mouth as he fucks him missionary…yum!)

Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey Felix Fox, Ryan Bailey

Ryan (who also gets his nice slab sucked, and sports nice wood as he takes it from behind) rides Felix reverse and strokes himself till he cums, then takes Felix’s big load on his face. Have you ever hooked up in a library?

See the full scene at Men.com!


8 thoughts on “Felix Fox Fucks a Book (& Ryan Bailey)”

  1. Oh no! Gay porn is being invaded by TikTok fuck boy lookalikes. How many barbers out there get asked for the “TikTok Cut”? Hiding hairlines now?

  2. My roommate and I used to drive down from San Francisco to Stanford during finals. We’d settle into library bathrooms and relieve students of their stress from studying

  3. Men is garbage. The owner controls everything, hints to why all gay porn is going down the drain. Felix is overused and overexposed.

    We’re sick of female cameos and performances in our realm of porn. We’re sick of the same themes. We’re sick of the same performers. Left Men months ago and I’m so glad I did. The studio is shit.

    1. The Real (The Original) Wil Blu

      Women in gay porn loops. Why
      Men has somehow gotten more formulaic than Falcon in the 00.
      Felix can never be over exposed .

  4. MindGeek really doesn’t understand the market they make products for…

    And as this blog is operated by Gamma. Stop pushing bad content. It’s absurd.

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