Felix Fox, Reese Rideout

Felix Fox Gets His Hole Destroyed On A Public Train

Men.com really said that if they’re going to build an entire train/subway set for some porn scenes, they’re gonna get their money’s worth and film an excessive amount of videos on that set. We’ve already seen this memorable location used in Men’s Precinct 69 series and all three parts of its Subway Stories series, but now it’s the star of the new porn scene Wanted!

Felix Fox, Reese Rideout Felix Fox, Reese Rideout

Wanted stars beefy hunk Reese Rideout and Men.com exclusive/one of our favorite porn stars working today, Felix Fox. The curly-haired ginger stud plays a pervert flasher who is running around the subway station wearing a long coat with nothing underneath. Reese plays an angry cop that’s trying to stop the flasher, but instead gets distracted by his irresistible meat and mouthwatering hole.

Felix Fox, Reese Rideout Felix Fox, Reese Rideout

The two end up having sex right inside of the train car where we even see Michael DelRay and Nick LA make some quick cameos as innocent bystanders who start to enjoy the view and they watch the police officer top the flasher’s delicious bubble butt. After viewing the action from the sidelines, Michael and Nick decide to have their own fun by pulling down their pants and jerking it right on the subway.

(Even though we see both Michael and Nick play with their cocks in this scene, neither of them are actually credited as performers for this video on the Men.com site and besides the trailer, neither are included in any of the promotional material for this scene. Weird! I mean, random onlookers just jerking off to some pubic action is pretty hot. You’d think that Men would want to promote that a little more.)

Felix Fox, Reese Rideout Felix Fox, Reese Rideout

So what do you think of this scene? Will you be tuning in for the full video? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to head on over to Men.com to watch this entire bareback subway fuck.

[Watch Wanted]


13 thoughts on “Felix Fox Gets His Hole Destroyed On A Public Train”

  1. Reese Rideout is a very handsome man with an exceptional body and is 38 years old and Felix Fox is a handsome boy. I think it’s ugly people criticizing other people because of their appearance and, mainly, in a totally derogatory way. To me this demonstrates deep bitterness and lack of empathy.

  2. Reese Rideout´s still a heartthrob. Felix Fox is a handsome boy. Michael DelRay’s cameo was dull; Nick LA did much better.

  3. I’m glad these porn companies have a sense of humor! This looks fun and the guys are smokin hot.

    There’s an awful lot of sex-shaming in these comments. Really hypocritical that you guys will beat off to porn performers and then slut-shame them anonymously.

    It’s porn. Lighten the fuck up. Enjoy it or not but trashing these performers and companies seems like sad waste of time.

  4. lol, lol! These porn companies need to realize that these are NOT actor’s, these are whores. Stop with this, shit. Find some attractive, masculine, non-queen, nerds. The lock down is over, stop picking this trash up out of the gutters.

  5. Money talks bullshit walks… need i say more , men are spending theirs on it,are you spending yours or just running your mouth?

    1. Hahaha, hilarious! He does look like him, lol! Since when did butt ugly become acceptable in porn. Whoever is spending money to watch this shit is a complete moron.

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