Felix Fox Literally Hammers Joey Mills’ Hole

The biggest “doctor” crush I ever had was on a hot chiropractor, a tall and muscular hunk with gorgeous locks that would do Thor proud. Wen he put his hands on me, I had to think unsexy thoughts to prevent popping wood on his table. So I can sympathize with the predicament that Joey Mills finds himself in.

The twink arrives at the office for an appointment and is greeted by substitute chiropractor Felix Fox, who is practically bursting out of his tight-fitting short and pants. And Joey has to compose himself for the hot doc’s methods for loosening him up, which include some back-cracking bear hugs and actually nailing his hole (I’m still a little confused by that one…).

Felix Fox Felix Fox, Joey Mills

Felix Fox, Joey Mills Felix Fox, Joey Mills

Joey’s hole is still tight after getting hammered, so he is happy to let Felix use his fingers and tongue to loosen it up. And soon, Joey is on all fours slurping Felix’s very hard, very thick cock (how stunning does Felix look in those bright blue briefs?!). Felix then fucks his patient on his back and by pinning him to the table, Joey also sitting down on the jock’s cock.

Felix Fox, Joey Mills Felix Fox, Joey Mills

Felix Fox, Joey Mills Felix Fox, Joey Mills

The bottom then squirts while taking it piledriver (a position that gives us an amazing look at every crevice of Felix’s ripped body), then takes a load to his hole. I kinda dig seeing Felix be a total top…what about you?

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10 thoughts on “Felix Fox Literally Hammers Joey Mills’ Hole”

    1. weight shaming is never a good look. joey mills isn’t underweight at all. i dont know i personally think joey is handsome and adorable

  1. Universal Potentate

    Huh … Felix Fox topping. I never thought I’d see the day.
    Great looking scene overall though!

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