Felix Fox, Troye Dean

Felix Fox Push-Up Fucks Troye Dean In Mid-Air

The good news is that Troye Dean finally got himself out of that bookshelf, where he got spit roasted after getting stuck. The bad news is that the cute twink has gotten himself into another cramped position for his holes to be taken advantage of.

Well, I guess that’s not actually bad news, especially considering Felix Fox is the one taking advantage after he spots Troye at the gym and then lures him to the protein shake stand. Before we go any further, can we stop and appreciate how hot Troye’s meaty cock is? We don’t get to see it as much because he’s usually bent over, but it’s a thing of beauty (how cute is he?!).

Troye Dean Felix Fox, Troye Dean

If you can stomach the iffy beginning where Felix spits some milk into Troye’s mouth (eww!), and get past the requisite Men.com trope of having our protagonists fuck in front of an unsuspecting onlooker (not a woman this time, thank the lord), there are some hot visuals here. Cause, you know, Felix has a stunning body.

Felix Fox, Troye Dean Felix Fox, Troye Dean

After some sucking and fucking behind the counter, the two get slightly less cramped in front of it—including Felix feasting on Troye’s girthy shaft before fucking him in a few positions. The highlight, of course, is watching Felix show off his strength as he balances his chiseled body over two benches, practically doing push-ups over Troye as he fucks him from above.

Felix Fox, Troye Dean Felix Fox, Troye Dean

Troye squirts a nice wad as he rides Felix’s cock, then makes a special Brotein Shake (get it?!) with the shot of jizz Felix fills his mouth with. What do you think of Felix as a total top? And would you ever let someone spit (actual) milk into your mouth?

See the full scene at Men.com!


6 thoughts on “Felix Fox Push-Up Fucks Troye Dean In Mid-Air”

  1. For me the scene would be hotter if skinny and hung Troye would have used his “girthy shaft” to take muscular Felix to pound town. I love cock hungry muscle bottoms and I think that best describes the hot Fox.

  2. Universal Potentate

    I would like to personally thank Felix Fox for existing and I truly hope he’s not a jerk in real life.

    1. Agreed. Just hope he is not on any roids. I remember what happened in the 90’s w/ porn star Steve Foxx. So good looking and a hot bod. Only to find out he committed suicide due to chemical imbalance from steroids.

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