Felix Fox, Shadow

Felix Fox Shows Off His Hot Hole to Get Shadow’s Jock Pole

Remember when Felix Fox and his hot bod debuted in 2021 and we saw him strut his stuff at studio upon studio for a few years? Sigh, those were the days. Now, Felix at a studio is a rare occurrence—which makes his new scene all the more wonderful to see.

We saw Felix offer up his jock hole to MrDeepVoice a few months ago at Falcon,  but it’s been almost a year since we last saw Felix at the Men.com family (when he literally hammered Joey Mills’ ass). Now he returns for a Bromo scene with Shadow—the wrestling stud who made his studio debut a few years ago and is now making his debut at the Men family—with another new scene at Men.com scheduled for this week (it’s great to see his star rise!).

Felix Fox Felix Fox, Shadow

Felix Fox, Shadow Felix Fox, Shadow

Felix Fox, Shadow

The two embrace for some serious smooching, and Felix seems to love the feel of Shadow’s beard on his face—and grabbing the athlete’s pecs. Felix soon falls to his knees, Shadow gripping the sub’s curly hair as he guides him down on his cock—Felix’s nose tickled by those pubes. Shadow delivers a gulp-and-gag inducing face fuck, and utters “Fuck, you daddy’s baby girl!” (Umm, wut?! I wasn’t expecting that!)

Felix Fox, Shadow Felix Fox, Shadow

Felix Fox, Shadow Felix Fox, Shadow

Felix Fox, Shadow

Shadow gives a lick on Felix’s dick and also eats out his hot hole, burying his bushy beard in that butt. He then fucks the bottom hard and fast, covering Felix’s mouth as he pounds him doggy. Shadow gets nice and sweaty, his body glistening as he tops. The hottest shot has Felix rock hard as he takes it on his back, the top stroking him as he fucks him (love this!). Felix also gyrates that amazing ass as he sits down on Shadow before they squirt. I will never tire of seeing Felix and his hot bod, butt and boner in action!

See the full scene at Men.com and Bromo!

15 thoughts on “Felix Fox Shows Off His Hot Hole to Get Shadow’s Jock Pole”

  1. Felix Fox looks like a voodoo doll. Just awful. His face becomes nastier every time I dee him. The black guy on the other hand , is hot.

    1. Felix is so busted. His face is awful, his body over steroided, horrific nasty anttitude and his rosebud literally drags on the floor at the gym. Almost as bad as Michael Boston…not quite, but almost.

  2. Felix Fox has an incredible body.
    Though not sure why so many porn stars get such awful hairstyles.
    But, he still has an incredible body!

    1. Felix Fox is dirty sex personified. Shadow is VERY HOT.

      Oh, and yes Michael Boston and that brother of his are beyond vile.

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