FINALLY!!! Cody Cummings Fucks And Gets Fucked In New Gay Anal Sex Scene!!

After years of waiting, lucky Cody Cummings fans will see their dreams CUM true on April 4th when the gay porn legend finally does what everyone has been waiting for him to do: Get fucked in the ass. Hard!

Some were disappointed with Cody Cummings’ last hardcore homosexual anal sex scene, “Fantasy Fulfilled,” because there were no close-up shots of the actual anal penetration, but this new scene, “Shadowkiss,” does not disappoint. I am the only blogger who has been given an advance screening of this scene at the Next Door Ranch in Northern California, and believe me when I tell you that in this scene, you see everything. Not only do you see scene partner Anthony Romero’s cock going directly in and out and in and out and in and out of Cody Cummings’ quivering asshole, at the end of the scene, Cody swallows all of Anthony’s cum!! (And, by the way, thank you to the Next Door Studios team for arranging my accommodations at the Next Door Ranch and letting me watch “Shadowkiss” in your private screening room not just with Cody and his assistant Paige, but also with James Huntsman, Tyler Torro, and Rod Daily. The guys were all true gentlemen, and Paige was a hoot! I was a little nervous to meet all the studs that I’ve been gushing over for years, but…well, let’s just say that they made me feel very comfortable!)

Unfortunately, I have some incredibly sad news to report: “Shadowkiss” is Cody Cummings’ last scene and final gay performance. I’ve been told exclusively that Cody feels there is simply no way to top what he’s done in “Shadowkiss,” and therefore he’ll be retiring from gay porn permanently on April 5th, 2012. But don’t worry, you haven’t heard the last of Cody Cummings. As it turns out, the king of gay porn is set to embark on a new career path as a licensed sex therapist and life coach! Cody tells The Sword, “All I’ve ever wanted to do is help people, and by becoming a life coach I can get directly involved with people’s day-to-day affairs and guide them in making the most important decisions of their lives. I’m also thinking about launching a jewelry line this summer.”

The Sword wishes Cody Cummings well in all of his future endeavors, and may even be coming to him for a little life coaching at some point. Because if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about living a successful and fulfilling life, it’s Cody Cummings.

But back to the porn! Here is the “Shadowkiss” trailer. Note how it is shot with such seductive and smoky effects (hence the word in the title, “shadow”!), which definitely heightens the mood and adds a layer of erotic intensity. At first glance, the dark lighting and quick edits might seem to obscure some of the action, but look closer. Look much closer. Go on, look even closer. See that? That’s hardcore gay porn from Next Door Studios and Cody Cummings. It doesn’t get any better.

[Cody Cummings: Shadowkiss]


90 thoughts on “FINALLY!!! Cody Cummings Fucks And Gets Fucked In New Gay Anal Sex Scene!!”

  1. Used to think he was ok (maybe 7 years ago) then I saw the repeat solo only and looking like he was bored and watching paint dry. Then other models were in the mix and he was revolted by any male in the scene (you could see in his eyes… ok put your hand there and move back and forth.. ah ah not that way… ok whew) At that point I stopped going to Next Door because all there models were the same. Then in December 2012 he came out saying….. “I’m Gay!!!” which was a load of BS to try to revive his in the dumpster adult career and this is more of the same trying to BS the “Stupid Fags” (words in his mind) cause they will believe anything. There are other G4P actors who can sell a scene to the point that you could believe they were enjoying the scene/partner (if they were or not isn’t the point, as an actor they are paid to, well, act) Cody Cummings never thought he would have to act and that we would just flock to his films, sorry, soon as I see his name, pass.

  2. Ohhh come on! I saw the whole video and even without being an expert on video recording or something else I can tell you: Cody wasn’t getting fuck! I mean, how can you explain the part when he is supposed to be penetrated and I can see both pairs of balls, aren´t we just supposed to be watching only the balls of the top guy? and he is not even fucking Anthony! Uff so happy I did not paid for that sh*t. Cody was one of my favorite porn stars because he seems so manly. But honestly I’m tired of being taken as a fool.

  3. Hi cody..i always imagine to taste your asshole and now have your butt look realy and i really like to lick it as yours..perfect asshole u cody

  4. hello Cody…I am your fan from Asia. i just bought yout butt like i really feel your amazing asshole..oh no..yuo re perfect..i like your asshole…

  5. Cody is not really bottoming / giving up his ass. NONE OF THOSE FILMS SHOW ACTUAL PENETRATION – WHICH IS A STAPLE IN GAY XXX PORN. You see his dick going in but they haven’t actual show a dick going in him – duh. I’ve seen enough porn to know that they do and will fake the act, to get a scene.

  6. inwardly-raged citizen

    really disappointed, although not really expecting much due to his other crap videos, it said this was first/second video he’s done which has him fucking or getting fucked, nut after watching through this video i was even ashamed of even downloading it in the first place. THERE WAS NO FUCKING WHATSOEVER!!! at 28:05 you can clearly see that the dude is not fucking cody, they’re just cock rubbing! what the frak is up with that!? but to be fair cody cummings is one of the lamest pornstars out there….
    that’s all i wanted to say :)

  7. THIS Article is just a paid one.. it has to be.. This Cody Cumming movie is as bad as the other ones. I don’t know why he insists in doing this.. it is better if he does not try..

    It is just ridiculous.. it is as ridiculous as this article is..saying that he finally had sex with a man.. WHO CARES.. we can all see that is fake..

  8. he’s got a great body but i can’t stand him staring right in the camera and doing his bitchy face, sorry. Cody, have you ever seen other pro porn stars that stare in the camera during acting?

  9. Finally, indeed! This horny and hot man called Cody Cummings decided give his warm ass to Anthony Romero in “Shadow Kiss”. Cody, for me, is, at moment, the most beautiful and horny and gorgeous male porn star in the world. His cock is incredible, his body, his beauty. Marvelous!
    How about you put this beautiful clipe (“Shadow Kiss”) in all its extension? From the beginning till the last minute? Thank you, since now!

  10. send him to my house so i can fuck him in the ass cause im tierd of jerking off thinking about what i would do to himi want to fuck cody in the ass. then jerk him off then fuck him again until i get tierd

  11. He is 110% phony,fraud and FAKE!! The blogger who reviewed this scene has to be blind,stupid and has a boner for Cody..he is HOT!! I give him that but fake or dry humping isn’t actual SEX.. if you watch him in straight porn boy those cameras get right up to the snatch in these past two..Liar,Liar,LIAR! Glad he “retired” even tho u can’t retired till you have had SEX..hope he never returns…loser!

  12. I agree with Nick and Alex from Paris. THIS VIDEO ITS TOTALLY BULLSHIT! Cody does NOT get fucked. Its a total fake and wast time at all!

  13. I have been a member of his site now for a while. I love his work but yes it has gotten rather boring because basically he does not do anything. Cody is a hot man and fine as hell but he needs to do alot more than he is currently. they posted two scenec with him supposedly getting fucked but I still dot believe it because if you look at the scenes they show no penetration on him or him penetrating either of the two guys he supposedly had sex with. I dont understand why he will not do more with guys on camera but it has become quite boring. I do love him and love his work but he needs to do more or nothing at all.

  14. I’ve seen both of his so called ‘gay sex’ videos. There is no penetration, just lots of good camera positioning. It’s a big farce so don’t get your hopes up (like I did!).

  15. Just saw Shadowkiss! It was the most boring and contrived thing I have ever watched! Cody Cummings is one of the fakest, most boring porn actors in the industry. And to the writer of this blog, you should be ashamed of yourself for lying to everyone about the contents of that video! Especially to the people who paid to see that trumpfoolery! Shame on you!

  16. Cody Cummings is lower liar, he is not even gay and decided to earn money at the expense of gays mis
    Guys did not buy movies on this scoundrel!what you do not think he lies, just to take our money

  17. i’m sorry to dissapoint you all but its all fake you can clearly see from one scene where anthony is on top of him from his back end that he is not fucking anthony because you can clearly see his dick flopping underneath him and when it moves to the shot of cody being fuck you can see he’s not because his ball bag is covering his asshole they were just grinding up against one another i’m sorry but like a fantasy fulfilled its all fake.

    1. I cannot believe how passionately you all critic Shadowkiss? First of all I suspect Cody Cummings is straight, so regardless of whether this movie is staged or genuine, it is a real compliment that Cody is trying to please his Gay fans, he looks rugged and Hansome, very appealing, I really hope he doesn’t consider retiring, he has so much more to offer his fan base, if your really unhappy then don’t watch it, but don’t winge about it. Cody Cummings has my vote, and if Anthony actually accused Cody of having Aging lips, then really that does not speak very well of him at all or his character. Now Marie, you need therapy, it’s that simple, and not the one only session type, WE the homosexuals on the planet who think Cody Cummings is damn hot, have NO INTENTION of letting you have complete ownership of him, so get over it and start therapy sessions, the kind you need will not be cheap. Thank you for listening and Cody if your listening? I think your damn fine, like to meet you but off course I don’t imagine that will ever happen. Keep going your doing well, your one of my fantasies.

      1. You “suspect” him to be straight ? :| He told that everywhere ! And he certainly doesn’t want to please his gay audience, he just wants their money, not in the best way, because he’s fooling them ! Well, as long as there had people like you, who thought he was sincere, it was working ! But people are not idiots…

  18. I just saw “Shadowkiss”… The best porn movie I´ve ever seen, and I´ve been subscribed to sites such as menatplay and nextdoorstudios for a loooong time. No, I do not get paid by them. Yes, you can watch Romero´s shaft going in cody´s ass. It´s all in. When Cody bottoms there is something, somehow… Magical about it. And that, people, is hard to fake. Enjoy it and, if you think you can make better gay porn, go ahead and open your own site ;)
    BTW Cody has a show scheduled for tomorrow… April 11th, so I figured he´s not retiring just jet. I think shadowkiss IS hard to top but it can be repeated in a different setting, have a gay threesome, a girl and a guy at the same time, a full orgy with a bunch of nextdoor hunks… Etc.

  19. There’s a reason this blog was the only one to do an advance review, because the studio CLEARLY PAID YOU TO LIE. I feel sorry for you if you have to sell out go write a review. What happened to speaking the truth? This isn’t a review . It would be an insult to the meaning of a review. Well done for treating your fans like their complete fools.

  20. Well, what do people expect? He never really gets a hard-on in any flick with guys in it. Most of his male partners have to suck on a flaccid or, at most, semi-hard cock. Even in the trailer for this one you can tell he’s not really into it. Why are people still paying to watch him look disinterested and fake “gay sex”?

  21. Alex from Paris

    i just saw the video and i totally agree with Nick above.

    HUGE WASTE OF TIME! Next Door Studios had me for 10 min until i understood that it was going to be faked all along for both side. i’m really disappointed and i fell betrayed. why? WHY?! i can’t accept that Anthony Romero played the game entirely, how insulting and what a slap in the face! i was a fan and now i lost all respect for him.

    i hate now Next Door Studios from now on. they are really seeing us, viewers, as fools and dumb people. i can’t forgive them from taking our money by doing those fake videos.

    1. Take a breath man, it’s just porn… Sorry but feeling a slap in the face because a porn actor you like is in a fake scene sound a bit dramatic…

      It’s PORN, for god sake ! Nothing different from prositution, it’s sex for money. More than half of them are just from the street, were using drugs, and have probably a lot of psychological issues. Because someone “healthy” wouldn’t do that… What’s the pleasure in that ? Spending hours to make a scene, sustaining an erection, having sex with partner you sometimes don’t even know, being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, plus the dark side that everyone knows, (but just like me, we don’t want to ruin the magic…) like the fact that even when it’s painful, they have to continue. I don’t remember the name of this actor who explained that for a double penetration scene, he started to bleed like a pig. They put an aenestasic creme, and every 10 minutes someone was cleaning the blood… so they finished the scene, and AFTER he went to the hospital. Porn is NOT glamourous. But well, it’s exciting to watch, isn’t it ? But if you think 2 seconds about how it really is, you won’t be able to feel betrail by a porn actor doing a fake scene, because ALL porn movies are fake.

      Welcome to the real world.

  22. to pull this kind of writing off, you actually have to be a decent writer. stick to bein’ sassy. no talent needed for that.

  23. As expected this video was another waste of time! Next Door Studios did do a bit better job at almost making it appear that some fucking was taking place; at least better than Fantasy Fulfilled for which I hope sexy Brandon Lewis got paid well. Yes Cody Cummings is attractive with a great body(said to be a nice guy too), but why do these “special” video which are more of insult than anything. At least his videos which he is either just standing around or getting sucked; you know what to expect…..these “special” videos are basically playing viewers for dumb. Really shots where Cody is being “fucked” legs in the air, but all penetration covered by pants that were left on…Anthony had time to take his pants off! Come on please…..Next Door Studios stop playing fans for fools!

  24. OK, if it should be true that Cody Cummings wants to withdraw from the homosexual world if it is not only a duck, I mean a financial matter, well! Can do, however, even advertisement his ha of ha. So what what calls homosexual actions never was with Cody the case. His assertions and protestations, that would never fuck an ass . never what it still should then? In addition, Cody is very much arruganter, haughty type, his fans treats he like shit and if he gives sometimes an answer, he has not understood around what it goes … or it does not act only thus because he wants. One can also position himself silly not to answer. Many use a translator to the translation . clearly, there one should present himself some trouble to read also between the lines not to disappoint his fans, but it only one comes sorry from Cody, he has not understood. Besides, the question is obvious one puts immediately. I also talk from own experience. Now now well he should be away from 5th April, there come surely others, if Cody on this source of income really might verzichen, because for money one does everything, just Cody.

    1. Did you use google translate, because honestly I don’t understand half of what you wrote. And I’m myself not a native speaker, so…

  25. Wait…this post is real? I thought it was just a dream. That explains why Bobby Ewing circa 1986 was in my shower and he wouldn’t leave.

    1. You had circa 1986 Patrick Duffy in your shower & you’re commenting on a Cody Cummings advertorial? PRIORITIES!


  26. I guessing NDS slipped Zach some LSD or we just witnessed an KONY2012 Jason Russell psychotic break!

    If only it were true – sad part is they would just replace him with another dbag. Still can’t understand why Trystan Bull got his own site?

  27. Zach…you were just trolling Estelle and like-minded readers, right? Whatever will they do without Cody Cummings to hate…whoever will they go after next?

    1. RandyN you vomit anyone with half a brain would know that Zach was pulling your leg.

      BTW I have a feeling Jean Marie been in a few rubber rooms smearing her own feces on the walls.

    1. It’s not a good demographic sample, but I & the ladies I know who peruse gay porn don’t get the Cody Cummings phenomenon at all. My general opinion is that he’s the gay equivalent of the straight porn trope involving an untouchable and sexually disinterested dominatrix.

      (Not that I’m judging. Your kink is not my kink – if he didn’t come off as such a jerkass off-screen, I don’t know that it would even be worth commenting about.)

  28. When are you silly faggots going to get the fucking clue? Cody likes WOMEN. Cody fucks WOMEN! He doesn’t mind letting a guy suck his cock so he can make alot of money. That don’t mean he will ever fuck a guy and if he did i doubt it would be a nelly queen like anthony. Even if he did he would be thinking about being with a woman to do it. I’ve been a fan of his for years and all you gays do is wine and call him a homophobe. If you watched his web show you would know that he has a lesbian relative and he has gave his underwear to be auctioned for aids research. He is straight and his female fans do not want him fucking men. So he isn’t. He has made it clear that women are his audience and gay just happen to buy it also. So if you don’t like it then don’t go to his site but stop trying to make him gay.

    1. Well then he should have spent ALL of his time, energy and resources doing straight porn. It doesn’t matter to me if he has a lesbian relative or if he contributes to aids research, when you bash and bad mouth a entire community treat your fellow performers like dirt and then turn around and expect people to buy your vids, support your site and spend their money on your flesh jack products your deserve the condemnation you get.

    2. First off You fucking tart the sword is a gay site. If you don’t like the fact the he has sex ( what ever type) with men then kill yourself Just so you know you rancid fucking cunt a man who is a really a straight man doesn’t bottom for a guy or let a guy suck him for any amount of money. Fuck you women fans that supposedly don’t want him to fuck guys. Gays have bought his fucking house with the promise of something special ..We were suckered won’t happen again. A straight man would have topped for real and never given up his ass if he was truly gay for pay. and really his ass isn’t really all that just his cock and how he cums. I’m tired of watching some sad overcaked make up bitch try to instruct a gay man how to suck his dick in his bi vids.

    3. Wow. All it takes for you to endorse a scumbag that has preyed on desperate gay men for years is for him to get mock-fucked for 3 minutes? And they wonder why gays are seen as unworthy of equal rights. The only people on the Cody Cummings site more contemptous than Ms. Cummings herself are the people who pay to see her.

    4. Marie stop the hate and the jealousy towards men you should check your closet because you have lesbo mentality !

  29. Question, does anyone really retire from the porn industry, or is it the sad fact, that the porn industry retires them? How many times have we the porn loving public heard the same old song and dance about how some guy is leaving the business to move on to bigger and better things? Only to have a couple of years go by and the same guy who gave his farewell performance/speech waltz back into porn, when times got hard or the reality of real life sets in. I always thought that when you retire, you did not have to work for a paycheck anymore,a check came monthly to you, and one has made enough money to support yourself for the rest of your life. The only porn star I know of that has retired and supposedly made enough dough, where she did not have to work or return to doing porn work was Jenna Jameson. I would tell all these guys to not give a farewell speech/ farewell performance, just walk away quietly into regular society, just in case you have to make a return to the porn scene, you won’t have to eat crow! Lastly the scene above looks boring/ forced and I still do not believe that Cody Cummings got fucked, I believe it was a stunt double. Why use the oldest trick in the book (poor lighting),when every other scene is super well lit ( sometimes too many lights) and a non multiple angular camera set up? Don’t be fooled people!

  30. Is it me, or have porn studios lately been scrapping the bottom of the barrel for so called fresh content? Cody Cummings is hot, but old news. When are the porn companies going to get that in this day in age, nobody really give a flying fuck anymore about these new aged so called gay for pay porn stars? This stunt would have worked in the eighties/early nineties , when porn was in it’s glory days, before the internet killed the porn/ music businesses. When there was a demand for this type of product in the marketplace, when porn stars had some type of mystery to them, and people came from near and far, not only to meet the porn performers in person, but they shelled out big bucks for the porn movies of their favorite male stars. The whole porn industry needs a serious wake up call, to realize that the majority of the population does not even pay for porn now thanks to the economy and the pop up, of free tube sites(who has time/ money to waste). Why spend between thirty and fifty dollars for sub par, over produced, sterile product? When you can log on to one of the thousands of free tube site and see real people, having real passionate/dirty sex, instead of these robotic/boring performances given by these gay for pay performers. Lastly I feel that the only thing that could revive the porn industry is a different business model, performers/models who are really into being there, models who have a bit of mystery to them( not airing all their dirty laundry on blogs/twitter), or a relevant celebrity to garner the intrest of the people, not some Chris Crocker type of infamy!

    1. I agree with you.

      The MaverickMen are a perfect example of good gay sex encounters – and them being bi doesn’t hinder the passion! They are enjoying themselves and it shows!

      Why is that so hard for porn companies to understand?

  31. SomethingSoSweet

    If this is real, rest assured, I’m gonna blow chunks. Until then, I won’t hold my breath……..or should I?

  32. Richard Johnson

    This is gay porn for straight women. This is what they wish their straight boyfriends would do, but still come home to mama when they are done with their male-male experience.

    1. They’ve done it before I’ve seen some 90s videos that the fucking was way off and seemed like it was 2 different people. We can’t be 100% sure until the whole video is released.

  33. The worst thing? If this production weren’t about Cody Cummings and his . . . issues, this kind of softcore video would be really, really hot. I find the idea of some less-graphic and more stylized videos to be intriguing. Minus Cody Cummings, of course.

  34. I’ll just have to wait until April 4th to see what the truth is. But, this reminds me of all of the hype surrounding Chad Hunt’s bottoming scene which coincided with his retiremnet form gay porn. The hype and marketing of Hunt’s scene was relentless. And then when the film, Endgame, was finally released, it was was of the worst gay porn movies ever. Hunt’s scene was terrible and the entire movie was just crap. Good luck NDS.


  36. Austin Wilde posted on twitter that no one really “bangs” in this scene. Also, he said that April fourth is the new April fools day.
    Soooo, I’m guessing this is just a bunch of crap. Cody does need to retire though.

  37. I’ll see it just to indulge my own curiosity but that’s it. Not liking the whole dark thing I don’t care whether you can still see any penetration or not. I would still like more lighting.

  38. Funny. Am I the only one who thinks it is silly that Cody does not want to have “gay” sex for 15 minutes to get enough footage for a scene, but is perfectly willing to “makeout” and dry hump a guy for a couple of hours in the dark to fake it. Which is gayer?

    Also am I the only one who wishes someone would “flour bomb” the NDS gay4payers at PHX? I mean aren’t they the porn version of the Kardashians? Famous based on nothing but marketing and oversaturation who no one ever admits to liking but seem to keep right on making money. Before anyone bites my head of that is a joke. I don’t think anyone deserves violence but I do think they should he shown the door and told to use it.

    P.S. Cody is not going any where. He just bought a new house, on a golf course, and he has child support payments to make. Why would he quit when he gets paid to do fuck all, for a few hours a month, and treated like a princess for it.

  39. Today isn’t April Fool’s… so, I’m not sure what to make of this. That one bit though, “…therefore he’ll be retiring from gay porn permanently on April 5, 2012,” if that’s true, then excuse me while I fag the fuck out and yell “hallelujer” like Madea.

    1. I hope Cody continue to do gay porn,He can go further and do a lot more and he will have all the clients he want.I am just waiting every week to see more.Cody is the most handsome porn star.Good luck!!!

      1. Well the point is that Cody Cummings is doing gay-for-pay… It’s years now that he played with his “guy next door” image, claiming everytime that he’s not into men, that he’ll never fuck a man, that he needs boobs… I mean, why not, we know that a lot of gay porn actor are doing gay-for-pay, it’s just that Cummings pushed the concept by using it as a “brand”, because the so declared straight guy sucked by a man is a turn-on for many people (not for me, I confess.). But it can’t really go somewhere at the end, because the “escalation” was slow and soft. We had the selfsuck (btw it’s quite funny that he would supposely accept to be fucked, but not to suck a cock…), then he touched a cock, then it was a kiss… The only thing that left was the fuck session. We had this ridiculous previous thing where it was obvious that he wasn’t fucked at all. And now this. I doubt that we’ll see ANYTHING close to a penetration, just a play with the camera. Because if he was REALLY fucked, believe that they would have shown at least 2 seconds of that in the trailer, just to tease with the real thing, THAT would have been a real approach. And here what do we have ? Strictly nothing. I’m not surprised he’s moving from gay porn, it couldn’t last by the concept itself.

    2. Listen guys… even if the scenes Cody doe with other guys are fackes, he still gives out the image of a guy enjoying a lot the presence of men between his legs, enough to explose after letting them suck his cock. I’m sure he enjoys it like anybody. What the fuck if he doe’nt want the penetration… he could always fake it like he already does, and the images he delivers are joyful for everybody.

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