Allen King, Brent Everett

Finally! The Brent Everett & Allen King Scorcher We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Two months ago, The Sword reported on the burgeoning romance between these two porn powers, who hit it off while on location in Puerto Vallarta for a Lucas Entertainment shoot. Now we finally get to see what all the fuss was about!

Since our report in early March, fans have been itching for more of Brent Everett and Allen King. And so have they! Here’s what Brent had to say earlier this month:

But the wait is now over, as Lucas has finally released the scene that started it all. And the performers are just as excited as we are:

Allen King, Brent Everett

When Allen arrived on set in Puerto Vallarta and saw Brent by the pool in a Speedo, he had to have him (duh!). Brent didn’t need any convincing, and the two quickly bonded and spent a lot of time together. Their chemistry explodes when they filmed their scene together.

Allen King, Brent Everett Allen King, Brent Everett

After slurping on Brent’s huge cock, Allen spreads his legs and offers his hole for munching and more. Brent, in turn, grabs hold of Allen and lets all of his raw sexual energy loose, fucking him without fatigue.

Allen King, Brent Everett Allen King, Brent Everett

You can see the connection as they fuck, their heads grazing each other as they stare into each other’s eyes. And check out that hot sit-down sequence with Allen’s boner bouncing up and down! It all leads to a hot climax from both studs…have a look at these great shots! (Love that wet Allen mouth!)

Allen King, Brent Everett Allen King, Brent Everett

What do you think of these two together? We look forward to seeing more (release it, Brent!)

See the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!


2 thoughts on “Finally! The Brent Everett & Allen King Scorcher We’ve All Been Waiting For!”

  1. IMO this is one of the hottest scenes in gay porn. Studly Brent used his big thick cock to get Allen the King, one of the hottest bottoms in gay porn, to reach sexual ecstasy. It’s a miracle that Allen didn’t pass out from such an overload of sexual pleasure.

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