Fine Reduced In Health Violation Case Over Treasure Island’s ‘1000 Load Fuck’

Ah, The 1000 Load Fuck. That classic in porn cinema from the wild days of 2009. Well, the movie’s repeatedly come back to haunt Treasure Island Media because of an ongoing complaint brought in a California court by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

AHF is of course the same thorn in the craw of much of the porn industry because of Measure B, that law that they got passed in Los Angeles County requiring condoms on all shoots, gay and straight — effectively driving most of the industry to the Valley. They also were the ones who hosted that press conference with a teary Cameron Bey after last summer’s whole debacle. But anyway, they likely consider Treasure Island and its founder Paul Morris their Enemy Number One for all their glorifying of especially raunchy, especially cum-drenched bareback sex. They brought more than a dozen complaints against TIM in hearings last winter and spring — including one in which the The 1000 Load Fuck was aired in the courtroom! — but only The 1000 Load Fuck (referred to in court documents as “TTLF”… heh) was made an issue because most of the others were apparently shot outside California, and therefore not subject to Cal/OSHA rules.

As AVN reports, a judge this month found TIM guilty of a host of health and safety violations including exposure of models to lots of semen, known in the legal terminology as “other potentially infectious material.” But TIM’s originally quoted fine of $18,000 was reduced to a mere $6,300, perhaps because much of the testimony against TIM came from a single disgruntled former employee, named as a former casting director who worked there from 2007 to 2010. Also, a source close to the case has said that the liquid in all those “1000 loads” that are shown being pumped out of turkey basters in the film in question was not actually semen — it was “a solution commonly used on adult sets to simulate sperm, made up of harmless cosmetic creams and oils.”

AHF is calling the judge’s decision “a precedent-setting court ruling.” Treasure Island is promising to keep appealing.

If for some reason you’re turned by watching a guy get turkey baster after turkey baster of semen-like material pumped into, and sucked out of, his ass, by all means watch it here. The basters come out around the 48-minute mark.



20 thoughts on “Fine Reduced In Health Violation Case Over Treasure Island’s ‘1000 Load Fuck’”

  1. That was most definitely all real human semen. It took an enormous amount of time and effort–and pleasure–to collect it all, but every single drop was human sperm. I never get involved in absurd discussions like this, but one of the founding and enduring points of TIM is the documentation of the male sexual culture that worships cock and semen. While there are plenty of companies out there that fake things, my company is going to court and fighting precisely because what we do is absolutely real.

    Does anyone honestly believe that we’d be fighting against the government (and unethical agencies like AHF) if it were for anything less than absolute honest reality?

    There were well over 1,000 loads of human semen in that scene alone. If you’d been in the room when it was shot, the
    smell of male pheromones from that gallon bottle was overwhelming.

    Paul Morris
    Treasure Island Media

  2. >>>the liquid in all those “1000 loads” that are shown being pumped out of turkey basters in the film in question was not actually semen

    I KNEW that! Didn’t everybody know that???

    This is what’s used for the vast majority of cream-pie shots.

    1. It would be nearly impossible to collect that much actual semen from that many actual men and to actually maintain it over the course of the days/weeks it would take to collect it such that it could actually be used on a porn set in the way it was in 1000 Load Fuck. I never thought the stuff was real semen. I mean, really. LOL @ the idea of it being real semen.

  3. @ blow_me: In this case ( TIM x Cal/OSHA ) I’m unsure because in his court’s testimony an ex TIM employee called “N” said that the concept for The Thousand Load Fuck was to use a turkey baster to shoot loads of semen from dozens of people in order to shock the viewer and ‘N’ ASSISTED IN THE COLLECTION OF THE LOADS FOR USE IN THE FILM. However,we can read in the site AVN that was covering the same TIM’s Cal/OSHA case that: a source knowledgeable about the filming of The Thousand Load has informed the site AVN that THE MATERIAL IN THE JAR OF ‘ SEMEN’ WAS IN FACT A SOLUTION COMMONLY USED ON ADULT SETS TO SIMULATE SPERM, MADE UP OF HARMLESSS COSMETIC CREAMS AND OILS. Shady much? Judging by what we know we only can say that we don’t know what they used there.

  4. They idolise barebacks, gang bangs and ” bruthaloads ” and make ignorants think that said practises leads to happines by creating a lame ‘ TIM baraback ideology ‘: Let’s name it ” Bullshit ideology “. All that meadness for the sake of the fucking bucks…Now this news about the use of fake semen gives us a view of a studio that ‘proudly’ put itselve on service of a certain gay ( that denials HIV/AIDS ) subculture but seems to be more linked with the day to day budgets, ‘ make believe ‘ of porn sets and money. TIM is here for the money.

  5. God damn this is a stupid case. I hope TIM prevails. I’m sick of all the hand-wringing over bareback porn. Even if every studio everywhere used condoms for every anal shoot HIV would STILL exist in the world. And, of course, all of us who like bareback porn would STILL have access to it thanks to the thousands of bareback scenes that exist in the various studios’ and websites’ back catalogs. They’d all go back to promoting the hell out of their “pre-condom” back catalogs as the mainstream studios did in the 90s. Thank goodness for TIM blowing the lid off that ridiculousness when it did in the early 00s. Enough of the bullshit already. We don’t need to go back to that.

    1. you can’t have it both ways, porn producers are quick to say this is a legit business…but legit businesses have to provide the proper accommodations for workers, for known hazards they may face. Testing doesn’t ensure safety. Condoms do.

      It is like asking a health professional, to take panel tests, to see if they contract diseases at their job because the business doesn’t want their clients to be annoyed with latex gloves.

      And that nurse who does the HIV testing for the studios at the clinics, would they continue working at the clinic if they were told to remove their gloves…maybe, but that would be illegal.

      No one is above the law; Producers expect people to observe the law and refrain from theft of product, but Producers don’t want to observe a statewide mandate about condoms? Goes to show you how these people are.

      1. I guess someone better let Hollywood know that they can’t make any more Action Adventure films!! If entertainment producers aren’t allow to let their performers take risks in order to create a film.

        So, we can start with firing the entire stunt performers guild. Because adults aren’t allowed to decide which risks they wish to take on their own.

        AHF and OSHA have decided that performers are idiots who can’t be allowed to decide for themselves.

        The former governor of California did his own stunts. We better fine him too!

        The rules must be applied evenly or not at all. Otherwise this is a witchhunt set out to destroy the adult entertainment industry the way that religious conservatives have never dreamed possible.

        1. BTW, those productions are INSURED for injuries or problems during filming, you wanna keep going with that logic there?

          Didn’t think so.


        2. Ever heard of stunt performers? They form an entire class of SAG-AFTRA performers. THEY’RE THE ONES DOING THE STUNTS, NOT THE ACTORS. And if you think that what you THINK you see on the screen is what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, you need to not be let out of your house anymore.

          And yeah, the actors are still insured.

      2. Stupid attempt at an analogy. Nurses don’t tend to healthy people in general, people need the care of a nurse when they have something medically wrong with them. Right away you see the flaw in your thinking. Also, for many tasks nurses don’t use gloves. And a nurse might be more likely to not wear gloves if all of their patients were HIV/PCR tested and would only be given to them if cleared…

        1. I’ll grant you that for the most part the HIV testing isn’t done by nurses, as porn testing after the shutdown of Adult Industry Medical in particular is done through a nationwide system of corporate medical labs; most likely the blood draws are done by lab techs, but those lab techs ALWAYS wear gloves, no matter who they’re testing, and that IS a matter of law. Employees of medical labs run the risk of exposure to all manner of fluid-borne pathogens, not just HIV.

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