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[First Look] “The Last Rose”

All good things must come to an end and Ryan Rose is going out with a bang. And a gangbang along with fellow exclusive Alam Wernik, Damon Heart, and five of BelAmi’s hottest. Sneak peek inside.

We took a look at “The Last Interview” where Falcon Studios Group exclusive (FSGe) Ryan Rose gave a very self-effacing exit chat with our own mr. Pam as he was working on his final projects.

NakedSword Originals in association with BelAmi have produced two films to give this Ryan a proper send-off. BelAmi has already gotten started with “American Lover in Prague”.

On Wednesday, “The Last Rose” will premiere on NakedSword. They saved the best for Ryan and Ryan has saved his best for last.

All gay porn endeavors begin with one crucial element: casting. Here’s the international cast of hotties making sure Ryan’s sendoff is one neither he, nor we, will ever forget:

Going last isn’t always considered a good thing. But not in this case.Episode 1: A Rose In Prague, Damon Heart and Serge Cavalli

last rose naked sword belami gay pornEpisode 2: A Rose In The Window, Alam Wernik, Adam Archuleta, and Ryan Rose

last rose naked sword belami gay pornEpisode 3: The Rose is Key, Ryan Rose, Andrei Karenin, Joaquin Arrenas, and Jon Kael

last rose naked sword belami gay pornEpisode 4: The Last Rose, Ryan Rose and Alam Wernik

“At a turning point and tormented by an uncertain future, Ryan Rose follows his Instagram obsession Alam Wernik to Prague. Through the eye of his camera lens he stalks the young social media star who seems to have a fondness for roses and handsome European men. Ryan often finds himself distracted by beautiful faces, chiseled bodies, and , but the sight of a single rose to Alam, his main obsession. Will Ryan find true love in Prague or will he move onto the next chapter of his life and pass Alam The Last Rose?”

[Watch “The Last Rose” at NakedSword]

See you back here Wednesday, October 10, for the first scene, “A Rose In Prague” with Damon Heart and Serge Cavalli.

7 thoughts on “[First Look] “The Last Rose””

  1. what a crock, they use condoms with Americans but not their own natives. This is their policy! Homophobic? Must think that the real gay Americans are all diseased, while their straight fakers are all safe from disease.

    1. I think it speaks volume of how messy the gay porn industry is in recent years. I don’t think it’s a case of homophobia, but rather a general confusion regarding healthy sex.

      I mean, with the recent news of 6 men that resulted positive to the HIV even if they took the PrEP I’d be kinda skeptical too, but then again all their models perform bareback regularly and I’d like to know how many of them are actually HIV+, or if they’ve been infected with other STDs.

  2. While it is true that all good things must come to an end, sad to see Ryan retire. If anything, I believe he needs a time out, a hiatus or sabbatical. Take time away, and look at the industry while afar. Be a good time to find yourself or redefine yourself. Best of luck in what ever he decides,

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