Fleshbot Accuses Spencer Reed Of Probably Beating His New Boyfriend

The notoriously stupid, bumbling, hyperventilating, and pseudonym-using bloggers at Gawker’s red-headed stepchild (and up for $ale!) porn blog are up to their old tricks, this time suggesting that porn star Spencer Reed is beating the shit out of his new porn star boyfriend, Carsten Andersson. True? Who cares! It’s Felchbot, where “anything goes” in the name of hits. (Not literal hits from Spencer Reed! Hits as in traffic and page views.)

Felchbot’s opinion that Spencer Reed is an “abusive stud” is based solely on interviews that Spencer’s ex-boyfriend, Phillip Aubrey, gave following their break up last year (to be clear, The Sword doesn’t give two fucks about who was the real “bad guy” in the Spencer Reed/Phillip Aubrey saga and has always remained neutralcruelly neutral, but neutral nonetheless), and while it is perfectly fine that Felchbot has elected to “pick a side” (they are decidedly #TeamPhillip), what proof do they have that Spencer is treating his new boyfriend “like crap”? What proof do they have that he is a “violent, manipulative, [and] sadistic douchebag”?

Also, Felchbot fails (surprise) to mention that it was Phillip Aubrey who was arrested and convicted of assault, not Spencer. But why let a little thing like the truth get in the way when it is so much easier to just let feigned outrage and clueless posturing drive your fact-challenged, sloppy excuse for a “blog post”? Take it away, Felchbot!

Abusive Porn Stud Somehow Scores Hot New Boyfriend

Confession. We don’t get Spencer Reed. After his much documented and heartbreaking brutal mistreatment of ex-boyfriend Phillip Aubrey, we never thought we’d see the guy again. Yet, he’s continuously hired by studios and—shock of shocks—has managed to land a new pornstar boyfriend to treat like total crap. Are we missing something here?

Most likely, yes. Also, you fools, “pornstar” isn’t a word. It’s “porn star.” Two words.

Spencer’s new punching bag true love is blond German cutie pie Carsten Andersson, who has done several films with Lucas Entertainment. Spencer certainly has a type, doesn’t he? Since Carsten has starred in a Lucas film called “Piss On Me,” well, all the better for Spencer, right?


Despite Spencer’s violent relationship with Phillip Aubrey, where he left Phillip a shell of a man, he’s getting hired repeatedly, still has followers, and even got a gullible victim sweet Euroboi to stand by his side.

Uhhh, Earth to Felchbot: Using strikethrough text, which was clever in 2006, doesn’t mean that people can’t see what you are saying about them. So, I guess they are against physical abuse, but they are in favor of verbally abusing people they don’t even know (or “get”)? Cool. It must be fun for Carsten Andersson to learn that a blogger named “Cedric Dewittison” has called him a gullible victim and a punching bag. Oh well, fuck Spencer Reed!

We understand some guys are into “bad boys,” but when you’re on record as ruining your ex-partner’s soul, what the hell is the allure?

What record? Show me the record. Did you mean this record? Because that’s the only record there is.

What do people find attractive about a violent, manipulative, sadistic douchebag like Spencer Reed?

What do people find attractive about a blog that makes shit up and calls people libelous names?

We. Just. Don’t. Get it.

Oh yeah? What else is new.




61 thoughts on “Fleshbot Accuses Spencer Reed Of Probably Beating His New Boyfriend”

  1. Yes, I agree this theme is so taboo that is very hard to actually find blogs or forums where people would openly talk about hemorrhoids and stuff like that.

  2. gee willocker, this spencer is quite something but intellectual? (watch his spelling), a STAR (oh dear) + he’s a gaybasher= hates twink fem bot gaypornstars. What a comment above.
    By the way Phil, yes i do like, love adore twink gay fem bot stars contrary to your steroid…dumbass

  3. I think Spencer comes across as gentle, charming and witty, cant see why anyone would think he was representing himself in a bad way.

  4. I will never cement on what happend between me and Phillip because I have no reason to prove a thing. Saying anything is just hearsay. I have the legal system and scars from Phillip to prove it all. Yes I said scars. Not a scar. I comment on Phillips nasty hole because that is a fact and you can see for yourself. Sadism and dominance in a bedroom and life are two completely different things and consent is allways involved. Plus a pornstars persona has nothing to do with there reality. But anyways I’m done commenting on this shit. Everytime I have to see or hear about this stuff it’s just a reminder of the horrors I endured. None of this is real and neither are any of you. But I really did get sliced by broken piece of glass by a ghetto ass bitch and the supreme court of district Columbia ruled out any form of defense which is why Phillip was convicted on two counts. One being assault and the other being a prohibited weapons charge (aka broken glass). That’s a fact and that is real and that is fucking horrible. And that is ALL anyone knows. So i have no need to defend myself from this slander. The only reason I choose to even say a word about this is because my current boyfriend and I are being attacked and that’s a fucking joke. I also believe that a group of very lonely people (logp) who despise the persona I play and have zero clue about the person I am are trying to rain on my parade just because I’m happy ans have surpassed Phillip. And that is where this was all generated from. I bet if you looked at the ip address on these commenters supporting Phillip half are probably the same and the other half are coming out of San Diego.

    1. NOBODY will know what really happened between Phillip and You. The only thing that is real is that when something like this happens, both ex-partners need to be very strong to move on. Leave it behind !!
      The way you did defend yourself in previous postings in this blog was kind of agressive and angry about your ex, he did hurt you, you have the scars, but WHAT DID LEAD HIM TO DO THAT is something only both of you know, and for that matter, you should close this chapter in your life. Because when you react with such an ugly words, you just making things worst, to yourslef and for those who think Phillip just did defend himself. It is time to leave it in the past.
      Good luck with your new boyfriend. Porn Stars can make it work if they are really mature, honest, and smart. We have one couple that been together for 6 YEARS: ADAM CHAMPS and CARLO MASSI, beautiful couple, in and out of the porn environment. For those who think that a porn star can not be happy with a partner, CHAMPS and MASSI prove it wrong!!!
      Good luck Spencer !!

  5. Hmmm, someone supposedly abuses you and attacks you with a knife, and when you get shitfaced and comment, you don’t mention that at all? People question if you’re the one who was really the abuser, and your comeback has nothing to do with how you were the victim, but instead is about your attacker’s loose ass and middle school education? And then you point out how well your current boyfriend takes to being submissive while gleefully mentioning how you are such a pro at pissing in/on someone.

    These kinds of comments only serve to support the picture painted by Fleshbot, even if what they posted was irresponsible.

  6. Omg omg I’m representing myself poorly omg… I’m a fucking gay porn STAR and yes I say STAR I have won numerous awards been on pretty much every box covers of a movie i appsared in and been in probably over 300 scenes at this point in my career. And have generous international following of fans probably at least 20 x as many as Phillip. So yes im a star. But anyways I’m a porn star and I fuck (have anal sex and piss on/in people on camera). Since when do i need to represent myself in any manner. NEVER. Trust me if you hate me I love you because your hate drives my ambitions. I’m smart, quirky, educated (PSU caugh caugh), intellectual and determined. Probably much more so then any commenter on any blog on the web. So please take a minute to yourself and find the biggest object you can and impale it deeply in your ass. Because everytime you say my name, comment, hate or love all your doing Is being indirectly pounded in your purple sloppy hemroided ass by Spencer “douchebag” Reed. Amen

  7. spencer you really seem like a piece of trash. even if i was wasted, I wouldn’t “drunk comment” or drunk tweet.” think about how you are representing yourself for one second? also…remember not to bruise this new boy toy! lol you piece of garbage

  8. If Zach were the “journalist” he claims to be, he would look at the text messages posted by Phillip on his Twitter in August which claimed among other things that Spencer admitted it relationship was abusive and volitile (I guess spelling isn’t his strong point) on both sides and was doomed. Spencer also admitted that he needs “serious therapy and medication.” Spencer said he was “sitting here with a knife thinking I should just make things better for everyone.” Sounds like Spencer is the one that needs the help with his behavior.

    1. First, where the fuck am I claiming to be a “journalist”? Second, I don’t care about anyone’s text messages or Twitter or anyone’s version of any story, and neither should you, loser. This is about a horrible blog deciding to accuse, without any proof, someone of beating their boyfriend. How would you like it if I just decided to say that you, “Mark P.” are a child rapist?

        1. Oh, Zach admitting to that would be way too easy.

          Personally, I still think he’s all bitter that Cedric Dewittison actually writes better than he does. Certainly Cedric is capable of more critical thinking when it comes to issues in porn than Zachie.

  9. Fuck the LOGP there I said it again and yes Zachary is right they follow us on twitter comment on blogs attend porn events and find comradity in each other.. But do they actually jack off to us or finger there holes (oh shit they don’t have cocks)? No they don’t they just feel not so alone with there big fat vicariously living selves… Congrats do you feel less fat and alone now? Oh these gay boys and bloggers love you yayyyyyy whew I’m drunk and fishing and living and oh yeahs mans hotter and better then Phillip will ever be ; ) press that press

  10. It is the REAL Spencer Reed comment, he just did post it in his Twitter page!!!! Wod,
    I can not believe it, when he is going to stop and just let it go…move on. If he is so happy
    with his new boyfriend, and he is the victim, he shouldnt bother to post here or pay attention
    to this anymore.
    But the way he talks, make wonder how innocent he is…and how guilty Phillip is..??

  11. Carsten is much better bottom then Phillip. The only reason you may think Phillip is a good bottom is cause he is extremely loose. His swollen, hemroided, purple hole could take about anything short of a traffic cone. Hell half the time while fucking him I would have to pull out and jack myself off to cum because I could not feel a damn thing. Now Carsten that is one pink tight and priceless hole. Plus when it’s someone he actually wants inside him he is quite the performer. He is also quite kinky and gets into a whole lot more then Phillip. Plus he enjoys being submissive.

    On another note please vote for me to cohost the Grabby Awards it would be quite epic and promise you will laugh your assess off. Vote by emailing GRABVote@aol.c with my name Spencer Reed.

    P.S. fuck the LOGP (minus the cool ones and you know who you are) you lousy ass cunts who don’t even actually watch or pay for porn. Living vicariously through twinky fembot gay porn “stars” does not make you a fan.


    Love S.R.

    1. What a classy comment. I wonder if Zach will confirm whether this came from a ‘known’ Spencer Reed account/address, because if it did – I’d judge he’s just done himself as much harm as Philip could ever hope to do…

      1. I guess the following post from Spencer’s Twitter Account answers that: “P.S. don’t leave comments on the @theswordcom when your drunk… Lmao at least it felt good”

        The first part is good advice, if belated…

      2. I would assume Zach only let this publish after confirming this was the real Spencer Reed and if so, this confirms an old rule that I am surprised porn stars still don’t follow. DON’T COMMENT ON THREADS THAT ARE ABOUT YOU. You inevitably end up looking and sounding worse than you did when you kept your mouth shut.

        1. I agree… SR tried to defend himself by trashing his “ex”…but what an ugly words he used
          to do so. He just need to move on IF he is so happy with his new “boy”. I am just saying !!

    2. Poor Spencer, so oppressed by a tiny subculture of a despised subculture of a despised subculture of a despised subculture, but at least he’s firmly rooted in a tradition of men who blame women for all their problems. I’m sure his mother was a bitch as well.

  12. Tired of the bullshit

    I have my own opinion about the Spencer/Aubrey situation. But that’s just it, an opinion. The author should have labeled his piece as an editorial!

  13. “We don’t get Spencer Reed. After his much documented and heartbreaking brutal mistreatment of ex-boyfriend Phillip Aubrey, we never thought we’d see the guy again. Yet, he’s continuously hired by studios and—shock of shocks—has managed to land a new pornstar boyfriend to treat like total crap. Are we missing something here?”

    LOL. How about the fact that you are jumping to conclusions and passing it off as incontrovertible fact. Ugh, bloggers. Some of them are no different from desperate fame hungry reality TV stars. This is just as horrendous as Hipster Runoff. Freedom of speech is so overrated. Newsflash, it’s not suppose to give you the freedom to commit libel or slander because the truth is never a good defense against libel or slander.

  14. Fact: the only thing we know for sure that happened between Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed is Phillip’s assault on Spencer with a knife (and, if you believe the other pics that Spencer posted once, another event that caused a wound at Spencer’s lower lip). After that we enter the realm of possibilities, and believing one version or the other (or, as in my case, neither) is mainly a leap of faith.

    And the post that Zach is quoting is, for what we know up to now, just slander.

  15. because humans are always looking to hurt people when they are happy with envy that they are not, the speaker of spencer reed, he has every qien going to talk as we say in Mexico, as he goes laferia, nobody can say it did not live together with them in their house and slept with them 24 hrs a day to spencer reed stop is sderecho happy to do it and you really love your man as we care for every human being full satisfaction and spencer reed somo what is happening and humans and as such we ask who is perfect flaws, besides the other gentleman is not a small child I did not know what it does, then do not do victim to another duty which has also had their way of life because every action is a reaction stop living in the past now is the present lords.

  16. I love Phillip Aubrey. Only he and Spencer know what really happened between the two of them. I guess I just don’t get the Spencer type; I honestly like all different types of guys and Spencer just doesn’t do it for me. In MY opinion he’s a bit overrated.

  17. Oh, sweet Jesus. Zach is mad again. He’s so pissed he’s used a pic of Cedric the Entertainer. What does Ced have to do with Zach’s furious anger against Fleshbot?

    1. I think he’s using a picture of Cedric the Entertainer because the guy that wrote the fleshbot article is also named Cedric.

  18. I don’t think Phillip Aubrey being arrested for cutting Spencer Reed’s arm is “proof” that Phillip Aubrey abused Spencer Reed on an on-going basis (which is what Spencer Reed claimed in his blog post).

    It seems just as likely to me that Philip Aubrey might have defended himself against Spencer Reed with that knife on that particular night (as he indicated in his interview).

    I know from counseling hundreds of abuse survivors over the years that there are a LOT of folks in jail for assault who were abused for a long time before finally fighting back.

    I’ve know abusive men who have harmed themselves and gotten restraining orders against the woman they were beating just to discredit them. I am not at all suggesting that is the case here.

    People who are abusive are manipulative, calculating and they know how to cover their tracks. People reacting in a moment of fear, anger or panic, don’t usually have time to think about how it’s going to look or the possible out-come of their actions.

    Again, I don’t know Spencer Reed and he could be totally telling the truth. But I think it is just as likely that Phillip Aubrey could be telling the truth.

    Maybe the folks at Fleshbot have more information than we know. Or maybe they are just taking sides and spouting garbage based upon their own biasis.

    But I definitely don’t think all will be revealed in a police report either.

    I’ve just seen way too much bias and injustice when it comes to domestic violence cases (particularly involving LesBiGay folks) to trust the police or the courts to make the fair or right decision in most cases.

    I don’t think an arrest or conviction proves anything when it comes to these kinds of situations.

    We simply may never know what is true.

    1. Isn't It Obvious?

      It’s a sad story either way. I don’t think it’s any of our business to know what really went on, I don’t think it’s possible since it’s always going to be one person’s word against the other. I think all we can really do, assuming we (the public) care and don’t just want gossip, is hope neither of them is abusing/being abused now that they’ve both moved on.

    2. “I don’t think Phillip Aubrey being arrested for cutting Spencer Reed’s arm is “proof” that Phillip Aubrey abused Spencer Reed on an on-going basis (which is what Spencer Reed claimed in his blog post).

      It seems just as likely to me that Philip Aubrey might have defended himself against Spencer Reed with that knife on that particular night (as he indicated in his interview).”

      And you think that’s enough to incriminate Spencer? Sit down.

      1. Who said anything about incriminating anyone?
        I wasn’t there and neither were you.
        My point is that Philip Aubrey being arrested doesn’t prove anything other than that the police believed there was enough evidence to arrest him for the actual act for which he was arrested.
        Beyond that, it’s just conjecture (mine and anyone others)
        We’ll never really know the circumstances of that act (Spencer Reed being cut) because it’s all he said, he said.
        I don’t see where you find incrimination of Spencer Reed in my post.

  19. Having met both Spencer and Carsten (together, recently) I can honestly say I think there is nothing going on between them other than pure affection. I think making up a story about either one of them just to grab attention with no proof to back up your point is very poor!

  20. I’d also like to add that I don’t think Carsten’s bottoming skills are quite up to Phillip Aubrey levels. I’ve seen two of his scenes. One where he was top and another where he was fucked by Michael Lucas. Poor guy looked like he did NOT want to be getting fucked (and Michael Lucas was being his usual bossy self). So Spencer would do well not to go all BoundGods on him right away… ^_^

  21. This whole sad, sordid business is just the page-click generator that keeps on giving. I don’t know who to believe in this whole mess, but it has got to be tough to try and work through it for both parties with every site on the internet opining on it every month or so. . .

    (And I totally include myself here, for reading both your piece & the fleshbot article, and having a comment about it.)

  22. Isn't It Obvious?

    Are they missing something? Brains. And balls. Bet you any money they wouldn’t say that to Spencer’s face haha. And people often have a go at the commenters for hiding behind the anonymity of the internet…

  23. Everyone that says Spencer is abusive is a fucking dumb ass.. He is not the one that got charged with anything. Phillip is the one who cut his fucking arm open. Fuck Fleshbot and #LOGP for backing Phillip Aubrey so hard. #TeamSpencer

    1. That’s fine. But if you’re going to accuse someone of something so heinous, label them as “violent” and “sadistic,” and defame their current relationship, you better have proof.

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