Flip Fuck Double Feature: Jake & Hot Rod Or Andrew & Roman?

If you could only jerk off to one of these flip-fuck scenes, which would you choose?

Both came out today, and both are worthy of your time, I feel.

Jake Steel is a very hot, very underrated performer who loves getting fucked and sucking cock, clearly.

Randy Blue’s Andrew Stark and Lucas’ Hot Rod (who heretofore I had only seen in cheap thug porn, so it’s nice to see him in something with a better production value) are the perfect versatile performers, because who doesn’t love big-dicked guys bottoming?

So who, or which scene, would you rather jerk to?

Randy Blue’s Andrew Stark and Roman Todd?


[Randy Blue: Andrew Stark & Roman Todd Flip-Fuck]


Lucas Entertainment’s Hot Rod and Jake Steel?


[Lucas Entertainment: Hot Rod & Jake Steel Flip-Fuck]


17 thoughts on “Flip Fuck Double Feature: Jake & Hot Rod Or Andrew & Roman?”

  1. Even though I like Hot Rod in verse scenes, I wish he’d been paired with a “thicker” partner.
    Andrew & Roman are of better size comparison, so I pick them.

  2. So I want to say thank you for all the guys who are saying such nice things about me and my scene with Hot Rod. I agree its not fair to have to pick which scene is better. Both are fucking hot ass hell.

    Thank you to the comment from “NOT!” what are you my x bf I dumped in high school?

    I’ll take your comments and goto Brazil and buy myself a ass. I will got the gym more to work on my body just for you. However; pretty sure your a dumb ass and that you don’t know my work… I have a lot of personality. Try paying for site instead of jacking off to the 30 second trailer. I understand it might not be worth the investment for you since you probably can’t last more then 15 of those seconds, but do try just once just for me before you type away on your little keyboard an say such negative things about me.

    XXXO, Jake Steel

  3. Glad to see Jake Steel get some press, he is damn sexy and has all the tools to be a headliner for a major studio. Sexy indeed and yes underrated.

    1. Damn right he is! It’s also worth watching the scene JUST to see his wicked imitation of Michael Lucas asking interview questions (complete with eyebrow raised poutty mouth!)


      1. I personally don’t think Jake Steel is hot at all. No body, no ass, zero personality. Hot Rod is very hot, that cock is huge! Too bad they didn’t put him with someone else.

  4. Not fair to be forced to choose!! Jake Steel is one of my absolute favorites so I have to go with his (which was hot because he was LOVING Hot Rod’s ummmm hot… rod) but Roman and Andrew were top of their form too and really seemed into each other (and that cumshot all over Andrew’s face!)

    Nope, not a fair dilemma at all!!

  5. I’m usually a bigger fan of Lucas Films as well, but hell, i’d chose whatever has andrew stark in it. He’s so hot, i’ve been in love with him since his “first time” at corbin fisher…

    1. I on the other hand loathe anything even vaguely connect with Michael Lucas, but I will grant that the black guy definitely has a penis.

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