Arad Winwin, Aiden

For Anyone That’s Ever Wanted To See Arad Winwin Fuck The Easter Bunny

We’re back with yet another seasonal scene from GayRoom that features Arad Winwin having safe sex with someone dressed up in some type of holiday costume. We’ve previously talked about Arad’s starring roles in GayRoom’s haunting (derogatory) Chucky scene and that rose petal Valentine’s Day hookup, but now it’s finally time to get into the muscle stud’s big Easter vid that just dropped this week.

For the springtime scene, we get to watch the mouthwatering Arad use his condom-covered cock to top the singular-named Aiden, who just so happens to be sporting a bunny onesie that’s torn in the back. While the fuck session is great for anyone that’s a general Arad fan and doesn’t mind the presence of a rubber, overall, the scene feels like a discount version of that Next Door Studios Easter hunt scene from a few years ago and the awkward Amazon onesie just isn’t doing it for us. Take a look at some preview shots below and an extended trailer below:

So what do you think of this festive scene? Do you like watching holiday-themed porn? Would you fuck a grown man that’s wearing a torn bunny onesie? Sound off in the comments below with your hot Easter thoughts and be sure to watch this Easter scene over at GayRoom!

[Watch ‘Eggcellent Easter’ w/ Arad Winwin & Aiden]


7 thoughts on “For Anyone That’s Ever Wanted To See Arad Winwin Fuck The Easter Bunny”

  1. The costume and the condom have both gotta go, and Arad has gotta cum… my mouth and on my face! Then he’s gotta lay down on top of me, lick his cum off my face, then stick his tongue in my mouth and feed me his fresh, hot manmilk!!!

    1. Man Royale is one of the last studios insisting on condoms. I’ll bet these two did an O.F. vid without them or the suit

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