Which One Of These Couples Hooked Up In Real Life & Filmed It?

Any guesses who made the homemade porn?

From Men.com’s Europen production arm comes the handsome Hector de Silva and Matt Anders who has eyes that match his balls: blue. But not for long.

Then our friends at Raging Stallion serves up some Cuban meets Puerto Rican heat with Armando De Armas using Max Gianni’s perfect bubble butt for target practice.

First up, “Language Barrier Part 3” with Matt Anders and Hector De Silva.

Hector de Silva is tall, dark, and leading man handsome. His scene with Paddy O’Brian where they were lusty stormtroopers in the finale of “Star Wars” is one of his best. Hector actually bent over for Will Braun in “Lost Boy” last time we saw him. Today, Hector is the leading man leading the charge in Matt Anders.

The term “piercing blue eyes” must have a picture of Matt Andera next to it. To say nothing of that high, round ass. Seeing big dicked Jay Roberts nail him in “Stealth Fuckers Part 9” was the only redeeming quality of that fiasco. Things go much better today. Much better and much messier.

[Watch Matt Anders and Hector De Silva in “Language Barrier Part 3]

On the flip side today, we have both a pre-bonus and a bonus scene from “I’d Hit That!” from Raging Stallion with Armando De Armas and Max Gianni.

After running into him at Miami Beach Gay Pride, I can tell you Armando de Armas is just as sexy in person. Max Gianni may have “fighter” inked to his left pec, but he’s a lover too. With an ass like that, how could he not be.

Armando and Max ran into each other last fall and moved things indoors where Armando’s dick ran into Max’s ass.


Things work out even better today where they didn’t have to worry about filming and instead, just concentrated on the fucking.

[Watch Armando De Armas & Max Gianni in “I’d Hit That!]

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