Former Mr. Leather Eric Paul Leue Named New Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition

Those in the L.A. gay and leather scenes will recognize the man who’s now stepping into the role of Executive Director at porn industry advocacy organization The Free Speech Coalition, Eric Paul Leue.

As the FSC announces in a release today, Leue is a former Mr. L.A. Leather who served on the L.A. County PEP and PrEP Workgroup since 2013 and on the Los Angeles Commission on HIV since 2014.

You also may recall that Leue has been very active in protesting against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and their campaigns against PrEP in recent years, like he was doing in the photo below in November 2014, outside Cal/OHSA’s Oakland headquarters, picketing on behalf of His was a counter-protest when AHF paid a bunch of people $25 apiece to protest for condoms in porn.


“It’s an incredible honor to be able to lead the charge of the Free Speech Coalition, at a time when the adult industry is fighting for its very survival,” says Leue. “When it comes to free speech, performer safety, and sexual health, we can not let the moralistic and anti-scientific arguments dictate policy. I will fight to keep our industry safe and legal.”

The fights being waged by the Free Speech Coalition these days are two-fold, and have a lot to do with meddling by AHF in its efforts to enforce condom-only policies for porn, and to denounce the effectiveness of PrEP.

In addition to a ballot measure possibly coming next year, spearheaded by AHF’s Michael Weinstein that would not only require condoms in all porn but would allow private citizens to file lawsuits against producers and performers who don’t comply, there is also a campaign by AHF to get Cal/OSHA not just to require condoms on all porn sets, but dental dams and goggles or other eye protection.

eric-leue-leatherSays FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas, “Eric has been a major contributor to our success over the past two years. He has been a fierce advocate for our industry, and we look forward to a successful 2016 and beyond.”

Former executive director and CEO Diane Duke, who gave nine years of her life to the FSC, announced she was stepping down in November, saying, “I am honored to have been able to represent this incredible industry and will always treasure the time I spent as CEO of the Free Speech Coalition.”

Duke was instrumental in establishing the PASS testing program in 2011 that has helped prevent on-set HIV infections in both straight and gay porn.

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  1. No one outside the gay community or the porn industry would take someone who looks this seriously. His appearance reinforces negative stereotypes.

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