has fraternity x gone too far this time

Has Fraternity X Gone Too Far This Time?

We’ve survived duct tape, bound ankles, cuffed wrists, three-foot bongs, and enough red solo cups to recreate Mars. But time, they may have really jumped the shark.

Fraternity X. Where tops who will stick anything are provided with cum dumps for their breeding pleasure.

That’s how they roll. But this time, I think they forgot who their audience is. Clearly, they are not after the PBS crowd. But there’s something to be said for self-respect. Even from a willing cum dump.

It’s one thing to load the bottom.

It’s another when the degradation is even raunchier than the penetration. Poor Dean.

has fraternity x gone too far this time“Fucking a dude in the ass doesn’t make you gay. We fuck bitches up in here 24/7. But taking a dick up your ass and liking it. Seems pretty gay to me. So case closed, Dean is gay.” ~Text from Frat B0y

“Gay? We’re watching straight porn bro … what do you mean?”

has fraternity x gone too far this time“You wanna see what gay is? Are you fucking serious?

has fraternity x gone too far this time“So who’s gay now? Huh?”

has fraternity x gone too far this timePoor Dean.

[Watch Carter Michaels, Seth Knight, Travis Berkley, & crew in “Straight Up Gay” at Fraternity X]


9 thoughts on “Has Fraternity X Gone Too Far This Time?”

  1. its like watching a film about a war and then saying “THIS IS DISGUSTING” because the film depicts actors fighting in a war. ITS CALLED CINEMA, GET IT?

  2. SJWs should stay away from porn. This isn’t meant for sissies who can’t watch actors act without throwing a fit. In reality it IS hot and strikes at the core primal insticts of all primate males. This isn’t even made for gay people exclusively but everyone who gets turned on by domination, even straight guys will get hard to this. Obviously domination isn’t for these people below but guess what, domination porn, and straight dominating gays, is made because there is DEMAND for it. Go watch a romance if you want romance.

  3. You guys are so dumb . THIS IS A SHILL ARTICLE! An ADVERTISEMENT! They’re basically saying it’s fucking”hot”

  4. Wait, so this is an issue-now? Uhh, they have scenes where they depicted guys getting drugged/passed out and raped. That was called hot on here but this is revolting?

    1. they’re fucking actors jim its not real. Just like a horror film is not actually people getting murdered yet you still watch it. You understand it right? What’s revolting is your attempts to censor artistic depictions of things which are rooted in the human psyche. You’re a puritan.

  5. I hate that kind of talk. I will no longer watch any Fraternity X videos. If you have sex with someone of the same sex, you are homosexual or bi-sexual. Don’t try and pass yourself off as straight. Sickening.

  6. Fraternity X is a trashy site where “str8” guys, pretending to be Frat guys, engage in sexual domination and degradation. It’s not an expression of gay sexuality. Hope it folds soon.

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