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#StiffCompetitionMonday: Mario or Zane?

Are you #TeamCock or #TeamCocky?

#StiffCompeitionMonday was revived last week as it was a level playing field. A playing field of “meh.” Today, things are again even, but instead of “meh,” we have two guys much more worthy of the screen time. Therefore, the eternal questions have much more resonance today. Which one makes you stiff and who do you hope returns for action?

First up, we have Mario from Sean Cody.

free videos str8 guys jacking offMario is tan, lean, mercifully adverse to the trimmers, and is packing. So we’re already off to a sexy start. He’s definitely nervous. It’s almost like he’s given himself the challenge of this video to break out of his shell. He tells us he “really likes to have sex,” without specifying which gender he was referring to.

free videos str8 guys jacking offThough in the end, he does say, “hopefully,” when asked about returning. No complaints here. Judging from his two healthy loads, that nice dick of his might be up for some new challenges of its own. Let the games begin.

[Watch Mario at Sean Cody]


Then there’s Zane from Corbin Fisher.

free videos str8 guys jacking offLike our new friend, Mario, Zane too has a beautiful, uncut cock and a perky butt too. Zane is a tall drink of water, and that treasure trail makes me thirsty. He’s an avid skateboarder, “Yeah, I’m pretty good.” That’s all they talk about during the interview. But in the write-up, Corbin Fisher says that when asked if he’d ever jerked off to any guys on the site, “Zane shrugs with a smile, “Perhaps,” was his reply.

free videos str8 guys jacking off“I’m a pretty cocky guy, so when I’d watch the videos I’d think, like, I can do that. I’d totally jerk off to myself.” He laughs.” Well, if nothing else, now Zane really can jerk off to a guy on the site. Himself.

[Watch Zane at Corbin Fisher]

Who Made You Stiff On This Monday?

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