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Stiff Competition Monday: Luis, Jon, or Ryan

Preppy and shy. Up and cumming. Or a real leg man. Are you #TeamOdds, #TeamWads, or #TeamQuads?

The three new flavors on this on Stiff Competition Monday to start the holiday week.

Will any of them be back to offer a second helping?

One out of three for sure. And he sure looks tasty.

First up today, Luis from Sean Cody
free videos straight guys jerking offLuis blushed as he said he once had sex in the backseat of his friend’s car while said friend never noticed. That’s as sexual as he gets. He looks cute in some pics, not so much in others. Actually, we do find out he likes to eat and work out. We also discover he stays very, v-e-r-y hydrated. But Luis, please drink some pineapple and eat some asparagus. He shoots the requisite two loads but both his nuts are as clear as water.

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And now, the very sexy Jon Kael from / BelAmi
free videos straight guys jerking offWith the equivalent to undergrad study before advancing to BelAmi U, Jon Kael is at the top of new bottoming class. He’s already broken out and was turned out a few weeks ago by none other than Jean-Daniel Chagall. How many guys can make a sucking on their own finger so deliciously lewd? Wisely, they chose not to keep anything of this rising star in the can. Any opportunity to see Jon empty that impressive set of pendulous low-hangers will definitely chase the Monday blues away.

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Last, and by no means least, we have Ryan from Corbin Fisher
free videos straight guys jerking offThe CF guy from our last Stiff Competition Monday was Rick. Today we have his roommate, Ryan. Ryan is an exhibitionist with every right to be. Very nice body, especially the lower half. His calves and his quads are down-right sick. Though oddly for someone who never skips leg day, his glutes are lacking. But nothing a dick between them wouldn’t go a long way to make up for. We shall see?

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Which one would you like to work off those Thanksgiving dinner calories with?

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