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Freshmen Video Roundup: Meet Three Of The Site’s Fresh Faced Newbies

It’s been a minute, but we’re back with another hot video roundup and for this week’s post, we’re taking a look at all the new offerings from BelAmi’s sister site!

If these updates tell us anything about what to expect with Freshmen in the new year, it’s that this European fuck site is looking to debut some fresh faces. This batch of new scenes and photos mark the debut of newcomers Cory Ellis, Baptiste Emry, and Jamie Eliot. Be sure to let us know what you think of these boys’ big debut down in the comments.

Take a quick glance at some sexy new clips down below and be sure to watch the full videos over at Freshmen!

Cory Ellis & Jerome Exupery

Featuring: Cory Ellis, Jerome Exupery
Per Freshmen: “Cory seems a little shellshocked at the beginning of the scene, but as soon as he forgets about Kevin and the camera he starts to relax and we get to glimpse what a great performer he may become.” [Watch now]

Baptiste Emry & Hoyt Kogan

Featuring: Baptiste Emry, Hoyt Kogan
Freshmen’s official description for this video says that when Baptiste came in for casting, everyone said he looked like he could be Hoyt’s little brother. Do you agree? Sound off below if you think these two look related. [Watch now]

Jamie Eliot Jamie Eliot Jamie Eliot Jamie Eliot Jamie Eliot Jamie Eliot

Jamie Eliot Photoset

Featuring: Jamie Eliot
The studio is teasing that there’s “more of Jamie coming up very soon.” So if you’re into these photos, keep an eye out for upcoming scenes featuring the young twink. [Watch now] 


3 thoughts on “Freshmen Video Roundup: Meet Three Of The Site’s Fresh Faced Newbies”

  1. Universal Potentate

    You inverted the two videos.
    The first video is Hoyt and Baptiste.
    The second video is Jerome and Cory.

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