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Adam to Colby, “Cum Together, Right Now, Over Me”

From the size of the loads they shoot in this first scene from “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” Colby Keller and Adam Ramzi should have been paired up long, long ago.

Like Topher Dimaggio was NakedSword exclusive Bray Love’s fantasy screen partner in “Fame Game,” today Colby Keller makes Adam Ramzi’s co-star dreams become a reality. NakedSword Original’s crafted a storyline to fuel the release of this pent up passion. The best sex of all: the make-up variety after a lover’s spat.

porn star colby keller It would almost be worth picking a fight with Colby Keller seeing his way of making up includes flowers and fucking. Playing a couple gave Adam and Colby the mindset to physically recreate the kind of intimacy fueled by the chemistry of lovers whose attraction has both grown over time and becomes sexually intensified by emotion.

fmif-tease-sc2Backs are arched, toes are curled, dicks are hard and precumming.

fmif-sc1-f-tsFrom the seamless synchronicity of making love to seriously pounding some butt, Colby’s dick is buried in Adam for more than half the scene. Colby’s nuanced aggression tamed Adam into a willing and accomodating hole.

fmif-sc1-c-tsLeading up to a facial that stakes it claim of inclusion among epic cumshots. The bodies of work of both Colby Keller and Adam Ramzi represent some of gay porn’s hottest moments. Those now include these moments when their bodies finally intersected.

[Watch Adam Ramzi and Colby Keller in “Fuck Me I’m Famous” at NakedSword]

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