fuck me im famous from nakedsword

Mickey Taylor Goes Deep Into Wesley’s Woods

NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor locked Wesley Woods in the hotel hallway buck naked. The only he was getting back into the room was if Mickey got into him. And he did.

First, Colby Keller said “Fuck Me I’m Famous” to Adam Ramzi. NakedSword exclusive Bray Love said the same to JJ Knight. Mickey Taylor already dropped the line to Jack Hunter.

Today it’s Wesley Woods he says it to. With a caveat: it’s not just “Fuck Me I’m Famous”, it’s fuck me because when I’m done, “I’ll leave you breathless.” And he did.

fuck me im famous from nakedsword
Even though Wesley Woods is the comedian, today it was Mickey Taylor playing the jokes. Until they got in bed. Then it was serious business.

fuck me im famous from nakedsword
It’s easy to see why Mickey earned his seven Grabby and nine Prowler nominations. Wesley needs to make space on his trophy shelf next year just for his “hand-over-hand-over-mouth” dick sucking technique.

fuck me im famous from nakedsword
Mickey was in total control today. Wesley didn’t “ride” him. He “drove” Wesley.

fuck me im famous from nakedsword
Total control and a total speed demon. No Photoshop tricks speeding things up here. Mickey nailed Wesley’s ass like he was the Fuck-a-gizer bunny on steroids.

fuck me im famous from nakedsword
With his songs rising up the charts on top of one hot scene after another, Mickey Taylor’s fame will last a lot more than “15 minutes.” That phrase is more applicable to the duration of his cumshot in today’s “Fuck Me I’m Famous” finale.

[Watch Mickey Taylor & Wesley Woods in “Fuck Me I’m Famous” scene four]


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