Ollie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell

Fuckbuddies Ollie Versace and Ty Mitchell Go Raw for the Camera

Everyone loves Ollie Versace and Ty Mitchell, so GuysInSweatpants thought it would be awesome to put them together for a good time and great dick.

Nothing makes a guy hornier and eager to get fucked than being serenaded by a shirtless guy in a park! Ollie showed off his musical talents first, then took Ty back to the house to show off some of his other talents, like fucking and breeding a nice hole.

Ollie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell Ollie_Versace, Ty_MitchellOllie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell

The second hottest part of this video is when Ty rides Ollie’s cock as his dick swings around in a perfectly circular motion… as he looks Ollie in the eyes, smiling cuz he knows exactly how to ride a cock.

Ollie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell Ollie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell Ollie_Versace, Ty_Mitchell

But the absolute hottest part of the video is Ollie’s load that exploded inside and then all around Ty’s hole, which made Ty unleash his load all over his abs.




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