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Gabriel Cross & Derek Bolt’s Perfect Ass Contest

With asses this fine, you can “Getaway” with anything. And they do.

“Desert Getaway” was a flip-filled nut-buster this summer. First, it was Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana.

Things heated up even more with Ryan Rose traded fucks with donkey-dicked JJ Knight.

Falcon takes us back to desert for dessert.

gabriel cross derek bolt flip fuck falconThe second scene in “Desert Getaway” with Ryan Rose and Gabriel Cross was the only one that wasn’t a flip fuck. Not that getting nailed by Ryan Rose under any circumstances could ever be a consolation prize. But it all comes full circle today and Gabriel gets his chance — and the dick and the world class glutes of Derek Bolt.

gabriel cross derek bolt flip fuck falconIt’s actually not Gabriel but Derek who was feeling left out today. Gabriel’s mouth soon makes him feel welcome. Derek’s tongue has the same effect on Gabriel. His hole is soon ready for company. Derek harnesses the power in his muscles and power fucks that English rosebud.

gabriel cross derek bolt flip fuck falconAs we saw with Sebastian Kross in “Ultra Sex”, Derek knows it’s not always better to give than receive. Today, both our men get the best of both. And so do we. Gabriel’s big, uncut dick doesn’t usually get the attention or the action it deserves. Derek was too smart and too hot to let that happen today.

gabriel cross derek bolt flip fuck falconThat super fuck left him super charged. He swooped up Gabriel and bounced him mid-air on his cock. When they come down for a landing, so does Gabriel’s load, all over Derek’s chest. Gabriel’s mouth does the rest. Those cock-sucking lips extract Derek’s pent up load. After some of the cum coats Derek’s shaft, the rest makes its way to Derek’s mouth. And not even two unexpected guests can get in the way of this getaway.

[Watch Gabriel Cross & Derek Bolt in “Desert Getaway” scene four]

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