gay breeding party

Gagged, Roped, & Bred Till He’s Oozing

No folks, not behind the scenes at a Trump rally. Just another cum dump with a duct taped mouth, bounds wrists, and an ass dripping puddles of jizz.

Or as they call it at SketchySex, Wednesday. London is the latest designated cum dump du jour to be willing brutalized at SketchySex. Or to hear him tell it, “I just wanted another load, and this dude had me tied up and gagged. I was the ultimate cum dump for him and his buddies.

gay breeding party
As for whether he wanted his mouth taped shut and his wrists tied with rope, that answer is probably yes too. While FraternityX is told from the dumpers POV, SketechySex is about the dump-ees.

gay breeding party
Today, by the time Ken, Zane, Matt, and one other guy too embarrassed too drunk to give his name finish with London here, he looks like a passed out mess with cum on every set of his cheeks.

gay breeding party
This skull fucking is what’s known at SketchySex as light foreplay. Tickle, tickle.

gay breeding party
As they duct taped London’s mouth shut, they locked their loads inside.

gay breeding party
How many loads exactly were leaking out of London as he laid there passed out by the time Mark found him is difficult to say. But I don’t think it’s going to stop Mark from adding a few more.

[Watch “Ultimate Cum Dump” at SketchySex]

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