Happy #420 – Gay Porn Edition

It’s the “High Holiday” for jokers, tokers, and smokers. And a few cocksuckers too.

It only took 20 years and the Grateful Dead — with a little help from HighTimes, to make 4/20 an international holiday.

The actual story of 4/20 dates back to 1971 when a handful of stoner teens who were called “The Waldos” congregated every afternoon at 4:20 outside of San Rafael High School in Marin County, California. I wonder if that’s where the expression “California Dreamin'” came from too?

And the gangs all here!

Then there’s Bill Mahler who literally wrote the book on the subject that has become a classic

Of course, it’s what all of the cool kids are doing too …


tumblr_mtdsz0RCK51s2l4xmo1_500 (1)




But Cliff Jensen really wins the prize for being the biggest stoner in gay porn, Though admittedly, I’m sure he has some new and stiff competition these days. Though we can’t see Cliff curl those pretty lips around a bong, we can still see him wrapping his lips around Luke Adam’s cock in his final Men.com scene.

[Watch Cliff Jensen & Luke Adams in “The Apartment Part 1”]

Meanwhile at Fraternity X, the spark up each other as fill their soul-less holes so there will be no uninterrupted loading of the cumdumps.

[Watch “Muscle Butt Bro” at FraternityX]

And just when we thought getting high couldn’t get any lower, there was that time at DickDorm when Tom Faulk, Tobias, Brandon Evans, and Zane Anders show us that papers, pipes, and bongs are not needed as long as there are bottoms around.

[Watch Tom, Zane, Tobias, & Brandon in “Ladder Fuck” at DickDorm


Happy 4/20!

6 thoughts on “Happy #420 – Gay Porn Edition”

  1. “The cool kids”?
    It´s strange when people applaud the human degradation.
    Come on! Just look it up on Wikipedia about 420 and traffic safety and stolen signs. It´s a shame!

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