gay cum dumps

Do They Still Call Them Cumdumps In The Army?

Frat boys to the left. Army guys to the right. Gaping holes in the middle and cum all over the floor.

Over at DrillHim, it’s all gangbangs, all the time. Substitute college boys for army guys and it’s the same thing at FraternityX.

Another thing the poles and holes have in common is that it doesn’t matter how many have cum in there before. Just the opposite. In fact, at DrillHim and FraternityX, the whore, the merrier.

First Up, “Hazed, Hot & Raw” at FraternityX.

gay cumdumps
The little pipe and ass funnel from last time have been replaced today. Instead, they are drinking the beer and brought the big bongs back out for some serious rips.

gay cumdumps
Like the substance intake, everything is amped up today at the house. Except designated cumdump Gauge. They never let him get off his back.

gay cumdumps
“From there we fucked him all over the apartment while he went from struggling, to crying, to fucking enjoying himself and blowing a goddam load on his face!!! What a little pig slut.”

At least we know where the #twinksfortrump headquarters is.

[Watch “Hazed, Hot & Raw” at FraternityX]

Meanwhile, over at the DrillHim barracks

gay cumdumps
By comparison, DrillHim makes FraternityX look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

gay cumdumps
There’s no “boy did we get lit up yesterday” here. This is purposeful grudge-fucking just for the sport of it.

gay cumdumps
When they are finished with their war game of smear the queer, they call the busted hole an ammo-dump. So there we go.

[Watch “Don’t Fight It” at DrillHim]

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