The Happiest Meals Of Them All

Even if burgers and fries aren’t on your menu, these four fast food boners are going to make you hungry.

Famous deaths come in threes but fortunately, there are other trifectas that are a helluva lot sexier. The trio of public airport jackers we looked at Friday for example. Today, we have a hat trick of hung-ry men who aren’t saying “Fuck You I’m Infamous,” but rather “Look at my dick, I’m lovin’ it.”

Seems the poor guy found himself a little idle at the Golden Arches. I can think of more than one man who would love to assist him with getting a handle on his boredom.


Next up, a pair of guys who couldn’t wait to leave the restaurant to help each other have a happy ending.


Finally, something finger lickin’ good from the KFC down under that definitely qualifies under the “happy meal” category. “The girls shield their eyes and blush, while the guys mentally compare his meat to theirs and then call for a manager.” Whatever they ordered, what they got was all white meat. Maybe that’s why they called the manager.

While none of our horny exhibitionists today seemed to order the filet of fish, it’s not only carnivores that have monopoly on showing off. Case in point, Cameron Diggs, Mr. Shark Dick himself …

[Watch Jed Athens and Cameron Diggs in Poster Boy from “Berkeley”]

(h/t Gaiety and NordicBoi)

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