gay football players

“I Went out with a Football Player Who Was in the Super Bowl”

TMZ Sports ambushed former Queer Eye fashion guru Carson Kressley and rolled back the clock on gay stereotypes in one sound byte.

Says TMZ, “We got Kressley out at LAX and asked him about the stigma that gay men would somehow be less effective on the football fields of the NFL.”

Says Reporter, “So gay men can play football? There’s this idea that maybe they’re only good at cleaning and cooking, and doing hair!”


gay football players
Esera Tuaolo

Adds TowlerRoad, “Carson Kressley once dated Atlanta Falcons player Esera Tuaolo and spilled the beans after being cornered by TMZ on an escalator. Tuaolo came out of the closet in 2002 after retiring from football. He was the third former NFL player to come out publicly after Dave Kopay and Roy Simmons.”

Queer Eye premiered in 2003. With its focus on fashion, decorating, interior design, and cuisine, critics often took the show to task for reinforcing the gay stereotypes the TMZ reporter still seems to believe to this day. It’s also true that along with Will and Grace, Queer Eye deepened LGBT’s cultural exposure to the mainstream.

gay football players
Michael Sam

While presented as entertainment value, sort of gay version of the old Minstrel Shows, they did also offer the first widespread glimpses of gay people not as separate from society, but part of it. If there never was a Queer Eye, there might never be a gay storyline on “How to Get Away with Murder.” Likewise, Esera Tuaolos’ very public coming out in 2002 undoubtedly aided Michael Sam doing the same in 2014.

The biggest difference between Tuaolo and Sam is that Sam came out at the start of his professional career. Not after it ended. If only someone would tell TMZ.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

4 thoughts on ““I Went out with a Football Player Who Was in the Super Bowl””

  1. Big deal Carson, I fucked Esera Tuaolo several times. I am sur ehe wants no one who know you had him or if that is actually true…..Esera Tuaolo iis a huge lovable bear of a man. The singing I could do without… But why did Carson have to say that? Oh because she has to prove that someone would actually fuck her of free? Shady cunt..

    What bothers me most about this article is that I am in no way in the gene pool as that skank Miss Kressley. but that fact that we both slept with the same man. Barf.. I just hurled again….

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