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Is Corbin Fisher The Gay Porn Model Recycling Center?

Might as well put their names on a white board. Sean Cody & ChaosMen are premiering their new guys of the week today. And if they look familiar, it’s because they are.

Gay porn models’ names cum and go. That’s nothing new. Most recently, Pierce Paris, the former Pierce Hartman, comes to mind. Of course, there is Casey More who is a one man name game all to himself.

But today, while Sean Cody and ChoasMen are both offering to “get to know me faps” from Derick & Nicholas Duff respectively, with all due respect, Corbin Fisher beat them both to the punch. To the victor goes the spoils — or in reality, was there never that much to spoil, to begin with?

First up, ex Corbin Fisher’s Liam, now known as Derick on Sean Cody

And the first to two pit stops at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
When “Liam” made his solo on Corbin Fisher in 2013, they wrote, “prefers to build the anticipation than going at it in jackrabbit speed.” He returned once, going to Seaworld with a nymphette named Bailey where he, “drenches [her big tits] in cum.

gay for pay model videosAs for Derick, it becomes clear why he’s back on the blue screen. He’s like adulation. He likes it enough to see the reactions his big dick gets when in jeans or when walking around the locker room. He does have a nice, thick piece: have to give him that. But is that enough for Sean Cody to give him as pass on the “no priors rule”? Apparently so. You would have thought they learned their lesson with Titus. The body is stacked, the pubes are natural, and while he looks better on video than in pictures, he also looks there’s many other place he’d rather be. Which is hopefully not back on Sean Cody (which likely means, next Saturday the way things are going there lately).

[Watch Derick at Sean Cody]

Then, here’s CF Nicholas who has grown both his hair, and a new name: Nicholas Duff at ChaosMen

gay for pay model videos“A statuesque jock with a luscious body and cock,” is how CF described Nicholas. And they are right. After his solo, Nicholas went to to make eight more sex scenes. And while three of them were bisexual, he both fucked and got fucked. Not sure they ever realized his potential. Will Sean Cody have better luck?

gay for pay model videosNicholas also identifies as straight. He has a thing for fit blondes, loves women’s asses, and seems much more comfortable in front of the camera. He’s a pre-cummer and a good blaster too. Bryan from ChaosMen set up an oral service video the day after this solo was filmed. However, it reportedly “got out of hand” and progressed into a full scale fuck fest that they will be releasing Friday.

[Watch Nicholas Duff at ChaosMen]

A couple more G4$ models with a new name on their dressing room doors anyone?

3 thoughts on “Is Corbin Fisher The Gay Porn Model Recycling Center?”

  1. If you bother to check the Gay Erotic Video Index, before he was Corbin Fisher’s Liam he was GayHoopla’s Zane Penn in 2014-2015 (when he was uncut), shooting 7 videos for them.

    1. Anonymous, take a closer look at the Gay Erotic Video Index – you are thinking of Liam 2 at Corbin Fisher. This is Liam 3.

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