Gay-For-Pay Model Will Braun Talks About Bottoming For The First Time, For Christian Wilde

Next week, whether you care to or not, you’ll be getting to see monotone gay-for-pay model Will Braun bottom for the first time in what’s become a grand tradition over at

They’ve done it to Colby Jansen, Paddy O’Brian, Topher DiMaggio, Liam Magnuson, but this is actually the first installment of the Top to Bottom series since September 2014, when Jimmy Johnson took Colby Jansen’s dick.

Anyway, Will looks and sounds nervous, and he talks about how bottoming is like “giving up a part of yourself.” But in the brief clips we see it looks like he kind of enjoyed getting dominated for once, by the great Christian Wilde.

But there’s no accounting for his ass-eating abilities



Here’s one of the only preview images we have.


The scene comes out August 28, and we should have a hardcore trailer for you shortly.

Meanwhile, power top Tommy Defendi has got a couple final bottoming scenes left for, including Love Gun Part 2 which premieres tomorrow, August 20.

12 thoughts on “Gay-For-Pay Model Will Braun Talks About Bottoming For The First Time, For Christian Wilde”

  1. Don’t get this – ever seen him bottom at Austin Wilde’s MenInSweatpants? Yup! MEN needs to clear up that it is bottoming for the first time on their site.

    1. you’re wrong. he did a scene with austin and a bunch of of other guys at the sweatpants site, but he never bottomed. whether this is his first *real* time bottoming is irrelevant—it’s def. the first time he’s bottomed on camera. pretty sure this is the entire reason MEN recruited him in the first place, so they could update their lackluster TopToBottom line.

  2. I got news for Will…once you’ve had another mans penis inside you, you are no longer “gay-for-pay.” You’ve been officially inducted, and since it happened on video and virally, he can’t even pretend it didn’t happen. No turning back now! LOL

  3. well hopefully he got a lot of off-screen practice, cause i couldn’t imagine Christians huge dick being the first thing i take

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