gay hazing frat house

Gag The Fag And Breed Him

If you think you can’t stand a faggy voice, see how it goes over at the frat house.

I didn’t say barf. I said choke on that, bitch.” So if you find gagging on a dick hot but dry heaves on cock not, welcome to “Fuck That Ass” from FraternityX.

Seems the newbie was up too early and yapping too loud. Skipping the coffee and grabbing the beers, the frat bros quickly reaffirmed their chapter motto: silence ain’t golden if the cum dump’s ass ain’t red.

gay hazing frat house

Taking a closer look, how did Seth from CockyBoys and that polite Elder Miller we just saw raising his legs at MormonBoyz yesterday wind at the intersection of Low Rent Street & Bareback Boulevard? For the same reason everyone else who makes FraternityX their destination: tops who have a singular focus on getting their own nut and a total disregard for how.

gay hazing frat house
This time around, the duct tape got the week off. There are other ways to stifle a queen.

gay hazing frat house
“Hey bro, can u hang onto my fag and brew while I fill the fag?” Fraternity boys are so polite.

[Watch “Fuck That Ass” at FraternityX]

2 thoughts on “Gag The Fag And Breed Him”

  1. When you are they going to allow us to download this shit?!

    If they did, I would join right away.But nah if you cant download. Others say the same!

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