Gay Porn’s Scariest Movie of the Year Is Here

Halloween may not be until next month, but Raging Stallion Studios is making sure that everyone is revved and ready for spooky season! Later this week, the scruffy studio is set to premiere the first scene to Overdrive, a high-suspense horror from award-winning filmmakers Steve Cruz and Ben Rush.

The new killer thriller centers around an unhinged rideshare driver, played by Derek Kage, who’s become obsessed with getting revenge on Paul Wagner – the one-time passenger who just got him fired from his job. We then get to watch as Derek’s deadly and twisted descent into madness threatens the lives of everyone from Beau Butler to Lawson James, Timothy Chance, Brogan, Danny Starr, and Sean Xavier.

Raging Stallion has also announced that in addition to the release of this horror flick, it’s also dropping a brand new capsule collection that centers around Overdrive and its star, Derek Kage. Stocked with loads of of T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs, prints, and even a blood-splattered jigsaw puzzle, the just-released Overdrive collection can be purchased exclusively at

Check out the trailer for this new movie below (or go here if you want to see a much more explicit video previewing this new movie), let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments, and be sure to check out the world premiere over on this Friday!

[Watch OVERDRIVE on]


21 thoughts on “Gay Porn’s Scariest Movie of the Year Is Here”

  1. Um………..ALL gay porn is absolutely scary these days! The meth addicts they pic to shoot video are stomach turning!!!!!

  2. This looks AMAZING! Deep voiced Derek Kage in the scary lead role? Perfect casting! I am looking forward to having the cum scared out of me this Spooky Season!

  3. Beau Butler: old news. Paul Wagner: very old news. Derek Kage: boring as hell. Derek is being overrated and his image is already worn out because he seems to be in all productions. No one can stand seeing this annoying person everywhere. There are more beautiful people. And, as an actor, Derek Kage is nothing. At least Beau Butler is a real actor.

    1. Ok, let’s see what you look like. You criticize everybody, put yourself out there so we can see if you meet your own criteria. While you are at it, you can audition with this studio to appear in their videos. Porn studios are always on the look out for new talent since few porn performers last a year or more. I am sure your stunning looks will carry the day and the studio.

      And who watches porn for the acting? I am sure 99% of the viewers want to see hot sex. They will go elsewhere to see good acting.

      1. You are wrong. I express my opinion. I criticize some performers, but I also praise several actors. Read my comment and you will see that I praised Beau Butler’s dramatic talent as an actor. Therefore, your phrase “You criticize everybody” is false and I proved it.

        1. If you say “No one can stand seeing this annoying person everywhere” you’re not expressing your opinion, you’re pretending to know what everybody thinks. You are certainly an annoying person.

        2. You criticized five out of six and totally missed my point. Let’s see your picture. If these five are so bad, let’s see what you look like. And if you are interested in facts, here are a couple:
          Not everyone’s tastes are the same. There are plenty on here who like the ones you do not.
          These performers are humans with feelings. You do not need to be so mean spirited. Yes, people in this industry need to have a thick skin because of people like you. So post your photo because when you criticize someone’s looks, you are insinuating that yours are better. And surely, you have a thick skin. So let’s see what you look like.
          No, I am not attracted to everyone who gets profiled in these blogs, but I am adult enough to keep my mouth shut about the ones I am not attracted to. They have their fans and that is perfectly fine with me.
          So let’s see what you look like.

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