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GayComicGeekReview: “Paris Perfect”

Paul Charles, aka GayComicGeek, is back with his exclusive series for The Sword baring his soul on what shocked him, what thrilled him, and which scene made his spill loads – loads as in plural.

I will stop saying it when it stops being true. If you have never seen Paul Charles do his GayComicGeek review, you are really missing out.

Today he takes on “Paris Pefect” from NakedSword Originals. This French farcee and gay porn mash up thrilled both of his heads.

We have already heard from François Sagat & Theo Ford in our exclusives interviews on what it was like to film “Paris Perfect”, and now, just ahead of the international gangbang orgy finale this Wednesday, our favorite GayComicGeek tell you exactly what, and who, to look for.

“Adorable Colton Grey and his sexy sidekick Johnny V. take off on a trip to Paris that turns into the adventure of a lifetime. A case of mistaken identity whisks the young Americans off to a gorgeous penthouse and thrusts them into a series of misadventures involving a horny French butler, a stolen iPhone, two Spanish hitmen, a British grudge fuck, and an international adult Superstar. In the end, debts are paid, everyone gets laid and dreams are made in “Paris Perfect!”

gaycomicgeek review paris perfectBe sure and keep an eye peeled for the next Gay Comic Geek The Sword exclusive where, like all of his videos, nothing is off limits.

Click here to watch “Paris Perfect” at NakedSword.

And for more from Paul “Gay Comic Geek” Charles, right this way.

Have a great Weekend and as Paul Charles would say, “Peace, Love, and Namaste!”

3 thoughts on “GayComicGeekReview: “Paris Perfect””

  1. Omg thank you Gay Comic Geek! I love your reviews so much and I wouldn’t wait for you to watch Paris Perfect. yay! glad you liked it, that means so much. We had such a great time filming the movie and I’m so honored that our NakedSword post-production team rocked the editing, graphic design and photo prep. Everything looks amazing! Big hugs and excited for more reviews to come!

    your fan…
    mr. Pam

  2. As far as the tech for putting two people on camera at the same time goes, does this mean there’ll one day be porn that features a porn star fucking themselves?

    Either way, great review, Paulie. I wanna go to Paris too!

    Been dreaming about that since I was little as well.

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