GayHoopla Breaks In Another Hot Jock, Makes Him Fuck a Dude Supposedly For the First Time

Introducing Kyle Dean, the latest newcomer over at GayHoopla who they claim has never even kissed another dude, let alone fucked one.

He is a hot, blond jock with a smooth, muscled frame, a nice dick, and a little bit of an acne issue — something that GayHoopla tends to look past. And the dude he gets to fuck is hottie Phillip Anadarko, who has a nice ass and chest but looks like kind of a terrible kisser. That tongue is just… all over the place.



Also, don’t forget, GayHoopla held that contest for a fan to get fucked on camera by one of their models, and the lucky “winner” (who might also just be a new model they’re casting) is getting announced tonight.

Here’s a glimpse at Kyle Dean, fucking a dude for the first time ever, if you believe that. And it may be true. But he already talks dirty like a porn star.













[GayHoopla: Kyle’s First Time]

3 thoughts on “GayHoopla Breaks In Another Hot Jock, Makes Him Fuck a Dude Supposedly For the First Time”

  1. I have never topped or bottomed, I enjoy been the BJ slave, and having the pleasure of Kyle’s yummy cock down my throat would be so damn awesome, I would suck it dry and start all over again

  2. Not sure why that passive aggressive acne comment was needed, when a guy looks like Kyle Dean, who the fuck cares about some mild and normal for that age acne? The real issue with gayhoopla is that while they have in a short time established themselves as a site that recruits incredibly gorgeous young men to do porn, the actual sex between these beauties is mediocre to pretty darn terrible. Barely hard cocks, uncomfortable/awkward kissing, rim jobs where the tongue is around…but never actually on or in an asshole, bottoms who look like their experiencing more pain than pleasure and tops who look and act like they would rather be watching the game of the week or playing the latest call of duty game than fucking. If GH wants to grow and become a great gay porn company they’re going to have to do a much (much!) better job in making their sex scenes pop and sizzle.

    1. Have to agree with you 100%. It seems GH’s “thing” is to provide VGL models and lackluster performances/productions. When it comes to porn, the models’ looks inspire one to want to check out the scene, but it’s the action and production that make it hot, and super hot models cannot make up for limp dicks, lack of emotion, lame direction, bad editing/camera work, obfuscatory lighting, etc.

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