gayhoopla buck carter interview

Our Exclusive: Backstage With Buck Carter

For the first time ever, GayHoopla went behind the scenes & they are sharing it exclusively with us. How did he get that bruise? Which fuck resulted in a broken bed? What did he do in Julian’s face?

We saw Buck Carter taste his own cum for the first time and show off of his many, many muscles in his get to know me fap from GayHoopla at the beginning of the month.

Ahead of his first hardcore scene with Julian Rodriguez. this Friday, we took our queues from you and wanted to find out more about the man.

gayhoopla buck carterWith a little persuasion, GayHoopla recruited Derek “Dirty D” Jones to film an impromtu interview as he was getting ready for his third hardcore shoot.

They’ve never done this before. And they did it just for us here TheSword. Backstage with Buck …

ICUMI, here’s Buck’s grand entrance to the whacky world of gay porn.

[Watch “Bodybuilder Buck Carter JERKS His Cock And CUMS” at GayHoopla]

And once you are shopped out from Black Friday, here’s the preview of Buck’s first action scene with fellow newcomer, Julian Rodriguez.

[Watch “BUCK Carter BOTTOMS: First-Time With Julian Rodriguez” at GayHoopla]

Buck bottoms. Looking forward to this. Will you be tuning in?

8 thoughts on “Our Exclusive: Backstage With Buck Carter”

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  3. Since a porn subscription is now a means of showing your support for a studio rather than how you gain access to their newest content; my cash has been heading GayHoopla’s way for about a year and, despite the often appalling quality of their updates, the nearly always entertaining scenes they produce have made me glad that Sean Cody (and especially Nextdoor) no longer send me subs-renewal emails.

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