GayHoopla Model Tries To Pull One Over On Sean Cody, And His Solo Gets Killed; Replacement Bennett Is WAY Hotter

It seems that the model known as Clark Bates on GayHoopla, who made it onto one of The Sword’s heats for Best Newcomer of last year, went and did another solo shoot shortly thereafter, or just before, at Sean Cody.

Not looking to promote GayHoopla’s sloppy seconds, Sean Cody has canceled the debut of Clark’s solo — and he even had the nerve to use the same porn name. As Men Of Porn saw yesterday, Clark’s solo was supposed to go live last night/early Monday, via a promo email, but it was subsequently canceled after the team realized that this model was not new to the business as he apparently must have said. They also note that he was once on Fratmen as Ace way back in 2013.

Here’s the photo that Sean Cody initially sent out.


Here he was in his solo for GayHoopla from last fall.



Clark Bates’ first duo scene at GayHoopla apparently is coming out soon, and his head is now shaved.


In any event, the guy whose video Sean Cody posted instead last night/this morning is WAY fucking hotter than Clark. His name’s Bennett and he’s an ex-military dude with a huge chest, huge nipples, tattoos, and basically a perfect body, face, and cock. He seems painfully straight, but that’s what I thought about Shaw initially and he’s turned out to be a boy-fucking maniac.

[Sean Cody: Bennett]


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