When Both Cocks Are This Big …

Buck Richards is hung. So is Trent King. This an equal playing field. So who gets fucked? In this case, the question proves to be who gets fucked first?

Trent King and Buck Richards may not be the most faces in gay porn, but they both have a lot more under their belts than their filmographies would indicate.

But with not just the equipment, but also the ability to use, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more from them both in the future.

But there’s no need to wait. We’re going to see much more of both of these studs right now in this third scene from “TSA Checkpoint” from Raging Stallion.

gay porn star trent king“Buck Richards is an airport barista who’s new to the airport scene, and when he meets passenger Trent King checking out some porn in the first class lounge, he gets a little flustered. Buck only wants to keep the passengers happy and instead of serving up some coffee, Buck gets down on his knees and offers up his mouth.”

gay porn star trent kingWith cocks this big, there is no possibility of a quick hummer. Every fat inch is dutifully savored.

gay porn star trent kingBuck’s big, hairy piece carried an implied invitation Trent was more than eager to accept. And once Buck got behind him, he accepted it right down to the short and curlies.

gay porn star trent kingSeeing Trent’s heavy piece thwap back and forth gave Buck some ideas of his own. The first was taking a ride on it. The second was bending over for it. Both now fucked, stretched, and leaking, it was time for a sword fight until back to back loads made a white lake on the floor.

[Watch Buck & Trent in “TSA Checkpoint” scene three at Raging Stallion]

Who would you love to see spit-roasted by these two?

10 thoughts on “When Both Cocks Are This Big …”

  1. This is just not right, races deserve to be separate. I feel bad for Buck having to do what he doesn’t want for a paycheck.

    1. What’s not right is you. ”Races deserve to be separate” really dude? Are you not aware we fought a war over this, settled the matter, and your side lost?

    2. Look, I can’t control the crap that comes out of your mouth but don’t you dare put words in mine. Did I get paid for the scene? Yes I did. I pick and chose the projects I want to be in. Trent King is a man I would gladly be with for free any time, any day.

    3. You are a poor man’s Milo and Lucian – and you see how being an alt-right bigoted gay buffoon turned out for them. Go take your hate speech somewhere else.

    4. There are others who feel like you, but they don’t come to a diversity positive, liberal blog like this. Why do you? Are you that desperate for negative attention? Pathetic.

      1. No I’m here to say what those who wish they could say could say. There are more of us than you and anytime we speak up you shut us down. Look at my boy Colby Keller or Tegan. You guys need to stop judging us when we speak the truth.

        1. You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. If you don’t want to be judged, don’t post them on a place when you already know they aren’t welcome. If there’s more of you, where are they? Are you the only one not afraid to be shut down? That wouldn’t stop the majority if that’s what they believed. The race question was not settled, but was answered by the Civil War. Your truth is a delusion in your own mind as is your insistence you speak for the majority.

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