Get A Load Of The Absorbent Underwear Designed For ‘Dripping Bottoms’

Have you ever found yourself stuffed with cum in the middle of a fifty-load weekend and suddenly worried about all that fresh nut escaping your hole and dripping down your leg in public? Well, fret no longer because power bottoms everywhere are finally getting the innovation they deserve thanks to the boys at Andrew Christian.

For the lifestyle brand’s latest product, we’re being blessed with the LOAD Brief for Dripping Bottoms – a pair of absorbent underwear that’s made specifically for guys who just got bred. It’s honestly the must-have fashion accessory for any cum-hungry guy out there that’s ever panicked about a stranger’s load dripping between their thighs at an inopportune moment.

“Meet the super cute new LOAD Brief for freshly ‘creamed’ bottoms who are worried about leakage,” reads the official product description. “This gorgeous pair of briefs with subtle design contrast details is ideal for boys who need an extra layer of absorbent protection in their underwear.”

In addition to that backside absorbency, the new underwear also pays attention to your front with Andrew Christian’s signature ALMOST NAKED “anatomically correct pouch” that will make it “feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.” With all these horny features, the brief is currently retailing for $25 and can be bought in a sleek black design with white trim details.

More info on these load-bearing briefs can be found on Head over to the site now to get your own pair and after you’re done with that, be sure to let us know what you think of this cum-loving underwear design down in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Get A Load Of The Absorbent Underwear Designed For ‘Dripping Bottoms’”

  1. You don’t have to be a slut to find value in this product. A friend was at the gym when this happened after a morning romp with his husband – his only partner the last five years.

  2. Put them on last night after talking six loads at Steamworks Seattle. Worked perfectly best thing I’ve ever bought

  3. So glad that the countless hundreds of thousands of hours gay men spent in the 1980s& 1990s in ACTup, Stop AIDS Project, AIDS walks, etc. across the country are allowing sluts to buy cum absorbent panties.

  4. This is vile…just stop. I have never seen an women’s product that suggests “being a slut shouldnt be a hassle.” lol. Why is this a thing? Not a good look folks. Why give right wingers more fuel for their lunacy? I can see the dork for Florida seeing this and being like…”bingo!”

  5. The moment the bottom lowers his pants and I see these, he will be pulling them right back up and departing promptly

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