Get A Whiff Of This Man Musk

You smell that? It smells like your favorite porn stars are officially In Control!

For the latest NakedSword Originals project from award-winning director Marc MacNamara, loads of all-star performers were sent questionnaires and asked to reveal their biggest fetishes and fantasies. Now, their responses are being brought to life as NakedSword puts the performers In Control and has them act out their biggest desires over the course of five new hookups. First up? Beau Butler and his love of man musk.

To start off the film, Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler is in Las Vegas and opening up about his love of inhaling some sexy scents as he gets a whiff of thick jock Kyle Fletcher. After taking in the strong scent of Kyle’s feet, balls, and ass, Beau’s aromatic adventure turns into a hole-stretching flip-fuck as the pair of muscled porn stars pound each other out and even double-penetrate each other with the help of a veiny dildo and a vibrating toy. Take a look below at some of the action:

Got any hot thoughts? Do you like a musky man? Have you ever been double-penetrated by someone’s cock and a toy? Let us know in the comments below and for even more musky In Control action from Beau Butler and Kyle Fletcher, click on over to!

[Watch IN CONTROL ft. Beau Butler & Kyle Fletcher]


8 thoughts on “Get A Whiff Of This Man Musk”

  1. Beau is literally the most over exposed and overused piece of lard in porn. Obviously on steroids, but not working out and not eating properly- hence the flabby doughy body. The face has so much filler in it, he could start his own clinic, the mustache and mullet are ridiculous and his attempts at topping are comical at best. Put him out to pasture with Michael Boston. They can fight over food.

  2. Kyle probably smells like stale cigarettes, cheap beer, and poppers.
    Beau definitely smells like rancid fat that he sweats out due to steroids.

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