Sir Peter, Paco Rabo

Gettin’ Wet & Slurpy With Sir Peter

I’m continually left speechless at how amazing of a performer Sir Peter is. He never lets us down, and despite appearing in some 100-plus scenes since his debut two years ago, he has not once flirted with overexposure. He always gives 100% in whatever he does, and his passion seeps off the screen. And his new scene is arguably one of his best ever.

He’s paired with handsome Paco Rabo, a versatile performer who earlier this year returned to the industry after nearly two years away (in a long carer that included an appearance at Raging Stallion). He’s a furry Italian who also exudes charisma, and the connection between these two is off the charts. They are constantly staring into each other’s eyes, and I’d like to think that the copious amounts of spit and cum that fly in this scene are a direct correlation to their attraction to each other (which is immediately evident when they kiss, their furry faces lip locked…what a site!).

Sir Peter, Paco Rabo

Sir Peter stars down at the stud, bending down for a kiss as his big dick gets worshiped (that fuzzy mouth looks amazing wrapped around that cock!). But the Sir is an equal opportunity top, and he works up his own spitty mess when he sucks his bud back and gets his hairy red hole dripping in saliva (Paco has a great knob on his cock!).

Sir Peter, Paco Rabo Sir Peter, Paco Rabo

The Sir then pummels his prey in position after position, gripping the bottom’s mouth from both sides and spitting into it as he fucks him doggy. There’s a hot spoon fuck where Paco stays rock hard as he gets rammed, and Paco also sits down on the top’s big dick for a ride (including a hot sequence where Sir Peter drives up hard and fast from below).

Sir Peter, Paco Rabo Sir Peter, Paco Rabo

All the while the two moan and look at each other, hands constantly holding on to each other’s sexy bodies. The wet fun continues at the end, when Sir Peter makes a mess of the bottom’s beautiful bearded face.

Sir Peter, Paco Rabo

These two are so fucking sexy together, and this scene is easily one of my favorite of the duos of the year. What do you think of this passionate pair?

See the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!



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