FraternityX Skateboard porn

Getting Fucked On A Skateboard Seems Terrible But It’s Hot To Watch

Have you ever laid on a skateboard while a room full of frat bros slide you on and off of their big, fat dicks? No? Yeah, me neither.

While we aren’t lucky enough for that to happen to us, that’s exactly what went down in the newest FraternityX scene with bottom Chase Daniels. His brothers force him to lay on a board as they take turns sliding him around and pounding his boy hole.

FraternityX Skateboard pornFraternityX Skateboard porn

As hot as this scene is, I just can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be to balance yourself on a skateboard while your ass is getting blasted. The texture of a skateboard digging into your skin as someone’s meat digs into your hole must be painful as fuck. No one wants sandpaper on their back while someone blows out their back!

More power to Daniels for being able to film a scene like this. He’s an American hero.

Check out the trailer for the skateboard fuck below and check out the entire scene over at FraternityX:


7 thoughts on “Getting Fucked On A Skateboard Seems Terrible But It’s Hot To Watch”

  1. I suddenly imagined this as one of the disasters on Lucille Ball’s old sitcoms. On Here’s Lucy, she ended up as a pickle hurtling down an LA hill in a TV commercial gone wrong. Here, the guy getting penetrated gets sent down the same hill when the guys with him accidentally lose control of the skateboard. This would be hard to explain to the local constabulary.

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