Giant Dolf Dietrich Fucks Teeny Tiny Rafael Lords for Lucas

The new scene from Lucas Entertainment is definitely a Great-Dane-fucks-a-Chihuahua-type situation.

The scene features the massive, 6’5″ Dolf Dietrich fucking itty bitty little Rafael Lords, who is all of 5’4″ and 130 pounds.

As the studio admits, “Let’s not pretend this sexual counter is something it isn’t: Dolf Dietrich is very tall and Rafael Lords is rather short (the scene photography doesn’t lie). And it’s exactly this reason why Dolf and Rafael wanted to give it a go — they’re both up for a challenge.”

And a challenge it is! Dolf has to bend Rafael over the arm of a couch and kind of hunch himself over in order to fuck his hole.


Or he can just pick Rafael up like rag doll and fuck him in mid-air, which seems easier.


Because when he tries to fuck him just regular doggie style his cock has to be bent down a bit in order to reach Rafael’s ass.


Anyway, it should be noted that in addition to having an incredibly hot boyfriend IRL in Jake Andrews, Rafael also has a teeny tiny white dog.

#whitepartyweek2015 #beach #southbeach #goodtimes

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Here’s the teaser clip for the scene.


[Lucas Entertainment: Dolf Dietrich and Rafael Lords]


5 thoughts on “Giant Dolf Dietrich Fucks Teeny Tiny Rafael Lords for Lucas”

  1. This reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. I’m 6’2″. He was 7’2″. My dick is only a little above average, but his was a little over 10″. We had no difficulties whether he topped me or I topped him. Missionary position was the best and worked extremely well.

  2. oh Mr. Lucas, it would have been so much if Rafael had been allowed to pound Dolf….but this is pretty hot as well and Rafael sure isn´t short in the dick department

  3. For those of you who might have lost count, after 5, count them FIVE, break ups and moves across the nation, Raphael and Jake are a couple again. Now they have a dog – which they felt was critical to bring to a gay club.

    If they remain true to form, in approximately 7 weeks, they will break up for the SIXTH TIME and Jake will move to another new city – for the sixth time.

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