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“The Color Purple” Gay Porn Edition

“It’s my favorite. I love purple and the shape of the head is absolutely perfect. And the size. And the girth. I absolutely love it.” ~Gideon from Sean Cody

Gideon makes his debut on Sean Cody today and jumpstarts the week with a hot scene featuring a co-star he brought along with him. “This is the one I’ve had the longest,” Gideon says while playing with it in his hands. “I have it for quite some time and I use it all the time.”

And he was more than ready to give visuals.

Aside from seemingly everything, what Gideon likes best about it is the suction cup. “You can put it anywhere,” he says with a bit of blush and more than a bit of anticipation. And no one is kept waiting very long before it disappears up his chute.

sean cody gideonThe beard makes Gideon appear older than his 20 years. Though we do find out “Barney the Dildo” has been along for the ride since he was 17.

sean cody gideonI stick it to the shower. Stick it to the toilet seat and then go crazy. Or up against the wall, anywhere it can stick, it is the perfect dildo.”

sean cody gideonWe get a toy-free but very watchable show first. While on his knees on the bed, his first load decorates a good portion of the mattress.

sean cody gideonThe interview is actually in the middle of the scene this time where Gideon talks much more about the toy than the boy.

sean cody gideonHis second load is both breathy and copious thanks to help from “Barney”. Will he have as much fun with a real cock as he did with this plastic one? There’s not a clue in the video. But I think the answer is on his face. And in his ass. Watch this blog.

[Watch Gideon at Sean Cody]

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