Ginger Hunk Jonas Jackson Fucks on Countertop & Stairwell with Dino Bravo

For months now, NakedSword Originals and director Marc MacNamara have been jetting around the world for the Global Entry travel series while on a mission to discover everything there is to know about gay life across the globe. They’ve already visited international locations like South Africa, Sicily, Mexico, and Portugal – but for the latest installment of Global Entry, it’s all about Edinburgh!

The first episode of Global Entry: Scotland has us meeting ginger stud Jonas Jackson, who is originally from Edinburgh, and industry newcomer Dino Bravo as they sit down for a pre-fuck interview. Following their chat, the two immediately head to the kitchen where they’ll heat things up by exchanging some blowjobs and fucking all over a cleared-off countertop. As the two move over to a nearby stairwell, Jonas’ thick cock then goes from ass-to-mouth before Dino sucks him off, takes one final raw ride, and is served up an extra creamy facial. Take a look below at some of the action:

Got any hot thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and for even more Global Entry action, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –

[Watch GLOBAL ENTRY: SCOTLAND ft. Jonas Jackson & Dino Bravo]


10 thoughts on “Ginger Hunk Jonas Jackson Fucks on Countertop & Stairwell with Dino Bravo”

  1. Jonas seems to be recovering well from his “life threatening and debilitating” back issues. I mean we haven’t forgotten his go fund me to have his “fans” pay for his surgery at a private hospital in the UK…and pay his rent, his bills, living expense. These con men are shameless.

    1. If you fell for it then your just as bad.
      If your not familiar with health care in the uk then thats a hole nother issue . Its is not anything like what we have in the state here you get the little sniffle you can run to a doctor there it might take you a month to get in to see a doctor so having to pay for private hospital is actually very common because then that way you can be assured you’re going to get treatment and not have to wait forever I have friends to live over there and it’s like you know they get unless it’s life-threatening you wait and as far as the paying his rent his bills living expenses yeah if you’re not working how else you going to get them paid

        1. Right on. I agree with you 100% Fucking scammers. AND… can we please address that they look like jacked up ken dolls on the clearance rack at Goodwill?? Fucking losers all the way around. This was one nasty, fucked up scene. Personalities shine through LOUD AND CLEAR.

  2. Since when does dying your hair and beard make you a ginger?
    That bleached poodle perm looks like a dust mop.

    1. LMFAO !! Right?? And that’s generous to refer to them as “ginger” More like a rusty ass brillo pad left out to rust in the Louisiana rain. A bunch of redneck, scamming losers!!

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