Diego Reyes, Sean Weiss

Ginger Stud Sean Weiss Is Back To Take Some Hairy Doctor Dick

It looks like we’re not the only ones obsessed with some dirty doctor action! For its latest duo scene, MENatPLAY is heading to the hospital and bringing in the help of Dr. Diego Reyes to train handsome Resident Sean Weiss with some seriously hands-on and dicks-out instruction.

This medical bareback venture marks the second MENatPLAY scene we’ve gotten from ginger cutie Sean in recent weeks and like this scene, his original MENatPLAY hookup has Sean taking on all the bottoming responsibilities and opening up his smooth hole for some extra hot daddy dick. Take a look at some shots of his new doctor dicking scene below:

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Sean Weiss and his ginger dick? Do you like seeing him take the time to service that hairy doctor daddy dick? Sound off below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire bareback hospital hookup right now at MENatPLAY!

[Watch ‘Medical Intern’ ft. Diego Reyes & Sean Weiss]


3 thoughts on “Ginger Stud Sean Weiss Is Back To Take Some Hairy Doctor Dick”

    1. It is part of Men at Play’s shtick, but on someone that fair skinned, they are very striking, and not in good way.

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