GLAAD Awards Honor Outstanding Achievements In LGBT Media

It’s a big day for LGBT activism and the advancement of gay rights across the country as this morning’s announcement of the GLAAD Media Awards is sending shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and mainstream news organizations from Hollywood to Manhattan. Now in their 25th year, the GLAAD awards celebrate film, journalism, music, and television that positively affects gay Americans who have been marginalized, degraded, and both politically and socially discriminated against for centuries. Tickets to the ceremony are available for $1,000 each.

In a year that saw the contentious yet eventual repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell,” continued battles over gay marriage and gay adoption both in and out the courtroom, and countless gay teen suicides due to vicious anti-gay schoolyard bullying, GLAAD’s acknowledgement of such nominees as the sexy HBO vampire drama True Blood and musical group Scissor Sisters’ dance album “Night Work” is more important, and more relevant, than ever.

To ensure that the message and celebration of responsible gay imagery is delivered and reinforced to all segments of the population throughout the United States, celebrities are invited to attend one (or all) of three star-studded and lavish ceremonies to be held in San Francisco, L.A., and New York City.




0 thoughts on “GLAAD Awards Honor Outstanding Achievements In LGBT Media”

  1. Fuck GLAAD and the self-righteous, subjective judgements they rode in on. Their frivolous parties and press releases accomplish NOTHING but paydays for their own staff.

    They’re all a bunch of self-appointed hypocrites and Political Correctness Nazis. Enemies of free speech and/or reality.

    P.S. “Tranny” is not a derogatory word!

  2. I often wonder about these expensive plate dinners that the HRC & GLAAD throw. Who are these people that can afford to go? And if they can afford a ticket, I have my doubts they even care about any issues and just want to meet celebrities.

  3. …there is something very wrong about this post. I can feel it.

    For the record, I don’t have $1,000 for a ticket or any kind of appreciation for “True Blood”, the “Scissor Sisters” or “Burlesque”. So much for not feeling marginalized.

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