Falcon's Endless Summer

Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Falcon’s Endless Summer’ with New Featurette

This is the week! After constant teasing with a new capsule collection of merch and sun-soaked trailers from Falcon Studios, this week officially marks the release of the studio’s splashiest feature of the year – Falcon’s Endless Summer. This Friday, we’re getting the first scene of this new movie and to celebrate, Falcon has decided to give fans an early look at the film with a featurette that’s loaded with sizzling hot studs, behind-the-scenes footage, and never-before-seen moments from this mega-movie.

Stars like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Luca del Rey, Trevor Brooks, Oliver Marks, Dean Young, MrDeepVoice, Alpha Wolfe, Ashley Stones, Carter Collins and Matheuz Henk can all be seen throughout the BTS video as each of them poses for photos, goofs around and answers questions on set. Plus, towards the end of the three-minute video, we even get some shots from the movie’s anticipated car wash scene!

Falcon's Endless Summer

Take a look below at the full featurette, click here if you want to see our post with the official trailer for this new movie, and to see even more from Falcon’s Endless Summer, be sure to check out the film’s first full episode when it drops on FalconStudios.com this Friday!



13 thoughts on “Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Falcon’s Endless Summer’ with New Featurette”

  1. Luca Del Rey and Dean Young are gorgeous. Luca Del Rey´s hair is something incredible. Absolutely perfect.

  2. jesus can it get any whiter? So sad how this is their vision of the gay world just being white. No wonder onlyfans is doing better

    1. There’s plenty of all black videos out there. Why don’t you go watch them. You’re just racist. Not for you shut your pie hole. Nobody cares what you think, bottom feeder.

  3. Every time I see Dean Young’s face…tsk. He was so naturally stunning when he started. The filler gives him an uncanny look he absolutely did not need.

      1. I don’t think it works that way anymore, with a studio being a ‘leader in gay porn’ I think if anything it’s individual content creators through OF/JFF that are dominating the market. Falcon is out of touch and overproduced. The majority of people aren’t into porn that doesn’t look amateur or at least that the chemistry gives the impression of being organic anymore.

        1. You may be the one out of touch. There’s money to make high quality productions like this. There’s higher ups that approve these projects because they make money. Unless you’re seeing the P&L’s, You. Don’t. Know.

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