Ryan Bones, Lev Ivankov, Edward Terrant

God Bless Ryan Bones’ Big Dick & Meaty Thighs

Sexy muscle daddy Ryan Bones has a new scene over at Masqulin and we couldn’t be happier about it.

For his new video, Ryan is paired with twinks Lev Ivankov and Edward Terrant. The scene revolves around the two boys wanting to spice things up by ordering a private stripper to their house. They want someone taller, muscular, and dominant – so naturally, the tall, muscular, and dominant Ryan Bones shows up at their door. It doesn’t take long for the hot strip session to turn into a steamy threesome.

Ryan Bones, Lev Ivankov, Edward Terrant Ryan Bones, Lev Ivankov, Edward Terrant

The scene really gets hot when Edward starts riding Ryan’s raging boner. Ryan’s dick looks extra huge as he widens Edward’s tight ass and makes room for himself inside of the boy’s warm hole. We also get a beautiful view of Ryan’s thick thighs as he pumps in and out of the boy’s backdoor.

The cherry on top comes when Lev starts orally servicing Edward as he’s getting his hole blasted. If we were to do one of our “Which Number” posts for this scene, I know for a fact that Edward’s position would win every single pole. What bottom bitch doesn’t want daddy Ryan inside of them while someone else sucks them off?!

Ryan Bones, Lev Ivankov, Edward Terrant Ryan Bones, Lev Ivankov, Edward Terrant

Check out the trailer below and be sure to watch this entire scene over at Masqulin! Sign up for the site right now and save 60% on your membership!


2 thoughts on “God Bless Ryan Bones’ Big Dick & Meaty Thighs”

  1. Ryan Bones has the body, ass and dick to be a perfect power bottom. Why he insists on trying to be a strict top is beyond me.

  2. I don’t usually like twinks, on the contrary, i’m always atracted to older and hairier men, but I have to say, Lev Ivankov is just too gorgeous.

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