Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

God Damn I Want Mitch Matthews to Fuck Me!

If the expressions on smooth stud Aiden Asher‘s face are any indication, Mitch’s big dick feels every bit as good as it looks when it goes deep inside the muscular bottom’s holes.

Mitch, baby…we know you love bottoming (and you’re so damn good at it!), but make sure you keep topping, too. From the moment this scene starts, you can tell these two are worked up. Mitch has a big bulge aching to come out of his tight blue Calvins as he kisses Aiden, a toned beauty with silky smooth skin.

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

Aiden starts by sucking on Mitch’s cock (look at how stiff his own dick is as he slurps…he’s excited!). Mitch then has Aiden flip around so he can lick and play with his hole, and the two have a hot 69 where they’re both hard as a rock. I LOVE how Mitch licks those fingers before shoving them in Aiden’s hole, then swirls his tongue away…

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

Eventually, Mitch starts sucking on Aiden’s cock. Aiden then slides down Mitch’s body, sitting on Mitch’s giant cock. Would you look at this…

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

This is where the great verbal interplay between these two gets even better. You not only see how much Aiden loves riding that big dick (his facial expressions alone are worth every second of this scene), you can hear it, too.

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

With Aiden on his back, Mitch continues to hit the spot, giving us this stunning sequence…

Mitch Matthews, Aiden Asher

The bottom then he spins around on it before they end with a doggie-style position. Mitch slowly fucks him until he makes the cum shoot out of Aiden. The top then blasts Aiden’s hole with his own load, then licks it up, sharing a cum-soaked kiss with Aiden…so fucking hot!

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  1. Really hot guys just wish they went back to using condoms, COVID proves to us that viruses mutate, and we don’t want that to happen to HIV.

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