Golden Gate Giveaway: Comment On This Post And Win The Season 2 DVD

No trivia, no random drawing, no bullshit. Who has the time for that? The first five people to leave a comment will win an autographed copy of Golden Gate Season 2 on DVD.

The 2-disc DVD (which includes all five hardcore episodes, nine solos, interviews, behind the scenes, and other bonus material) goes on sale next Friday, but I’m sending out five of them next Wednesday to the first five of you who comment below using the exact phrase: “Pee on me” and nothing else.

As a special bonus, Golden Gate star Chris Porter will autograph your DVD!

In case you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t ever been to The Sword before, here’s the trailer for the second season (which you can watch in full here).


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38 thoughts on “Golden Gate Giveaway: Comment On This Post And Win The Season 2 DVD”

  1. Jake Lyons and Marcus Mojo YUMMY !! Love you Jake !!
    Heres my cheap sign/attempt to score a copy of season 2 ..

    [will suck cock for a copy of season 2 on dvd]

  2. Now imagine a line of guys on their knees crying out “Pee on me!” to the Golden Gate Boys with Chris Porter standing in front of them. The question is, what do you imagine is in Chris’s hands? Could it be a whip? A collar with a leash designed to train dogs (visit a pet store to see what I mean)? A tattoo gun?

    Imagine the possibilities.

    I have a dirty mind. :-P

    1. In the context of the scene, I believe it was a microphone cable. But you had me at “training leash.”

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